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I love horn sections. We're excited to collaborate with 2 musician friends of the bride and groom this weekend. For their first dance we're playing Goldfinger's version of 'I Love You More Today Than Yesterday,' and we have horns! Looking forward to it. We've also learned 'Follow You Down' by the Gin Blossoms, another great tune. We are playing at the Taylor Grady House in Athens, GA, an amazing wedding venue. Have a great week! Chris

New Songs, New Venues

We're excited to be invited to play the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi this year! Our first show there is in August, with a return date in December.

This week we are adding One Republic's "Counting Stars" to our cover song list. We're always open to suggestions, so please shoot me an email with any songs you think we should add!

This Friday & Saturday we are playing at Chill's Lounge at the IP Casino in Biloxi, MS. They recently upgraded their PA system, and it sounds AMAZING. Come check it out if you are in the area.

Have a great week!


Last night the guys and I got together to rehearse, and we were pumped when we walked out of the studio. We worked on one of Jonny's tunes called 'As Of Tonight,' putting a Mighty Mighty Bosstones spin on it, and we can't wait to play it this Friday. When we record it this summer it's going to have horns, heavy groove, and a maybe a gong, who knows?

We also added the cover 'Radioactive' by the Imagine Dragons, and we polished up our Beatles tunes.

2014 is going to be a year of NEW STUFF for 7 Sharp 9!

New songs to our set

We added The Black Keys "Everlasting Light" and The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down" to the set list this week. Come out and take a listen!