Until we have Faces / Blog

....and we're off!

Hey everyone,

So we're a couple days away from our Manhattan trip this weekend to make our first music video, for "You Bring the Pitchfork, and I'll bring a Prayer." We have a couple ideas for it, some actors and whatnot, but we're still looking for a storyline. Any ideas? Post em!


First Blog! Feedback prease?

So hey! We're going to try to use this thing.

We've been a band for a good long while now... but everything is going to be new. We have a new drummer and a new attitude, and we can't wait to play for you guys.

I really want to hear some feedback though.

We're about to start touring. A lot. We're getting new recordings, videos, pictures, merch, endorsements, what have you. We want to do this forever, but we want to know what you think... how we succeed, how we fail, and how we can get better. I'm really excited to hear what you have to say, and for you to hear our NEW recordings... the new songs are going to blow you away if you like our stuff at all. :)