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For those about to rock...

At the age of 32, I have been involved with music two-thirds of my life. After all of these long years of sacrifice and hard work that I still feel magic when I step on that stage. So get your asses out and support your local bands.

Ready to rock out!!!

Lots of great things in the work over here in the land of Southern Fried Genocide. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will have some great announcements for everyone. Next weekend we are back in the studio to try and finish the mixing for the new album. Everything seems to be ahead of schedule, so you may see a late summer release of the album.

One thing I would like is a list and contact info of anyone that is in a local band and would like to put on some shows with us around Brevard. Just shoot the message to our inbox.

Also, one last thing, Get out and support your local music scene. The people in your local bands bust their asses and give up a lot to bring forth their music. Go check them out. You never know, your next favorite band could be in your very own city.

This bus is ready to pull out of the station.

How is everyone doing this week? I don't know about the rest of you but I have been working my ass off; I have been pulling double duty between the software job and the band, plus a little computer repair work on the side. I have been involved with music for the past 20 years and even went on to study music in college. I am so ready to get this band on the road. How many of you are ready to have your faces rocked by the SFG Express?

Studio Time

We are hitting Zone Productions today around 1pm to lay down the guitar solos and continue mixing our album. I am glad that we are not as rushed this time and are taking our time with the mixing. The last night seemed like we were trying to rush everything so much that we sacrificed some finishing touches. However, this album is going to be all Southern Fried Genocide.

All I know is that the only way this album could be any better was if we had about a week of uninterrupted time in the studio. Working a day job and gigging to support the time in the studio takes a toll on all of us. This is why bands that do this sort of thing get nothing but respect from me.

Well, I have been rambling on long enough. I need to get my ass in gear and go pick up the Rockshow. Catch all of you later and keep rocking out.

After the Fourth

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day. We spent time with family and friends celebrating the birth of our Nation, the good ole US of A. This time of year always washes a wave of nostalgia over me. I remember old friends and family members that are now gone and the good times we all had. Also, I think of the great times yet to be. So if you are still partying here is a toast to everyone that is now a part of the SFG family. As the old saying goes, "Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse."

SFG's First CD Review.

We got our first CD review from JB Brock over at Wildman Productions. Head over to his Facebook page and check it out. Here is the link to the article;


After you check it out don't forget to "Like" Wildman Productions to help keep up-to-date on everything music in Florida.


Hard Rock Rising 2012

So we have entered the Hard Rock Rising competition. First, there is local voting to see who will get into a Battle of the Bands at hard Rock Live Orlando. I hope that all of our fans vote so that we can show Hard Rock exactly how real rock and roll should sound. Here is the link so go and download our chart "Never Broke The Law" to vote for us. If you did not receive a pop-up message thanking you for voting, please vote again by downloading the song.