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12/09/12 Dream About You

Finished up working on Dream About You. I wanted to thank David Grant and Psypher for making this track a reality. It was a lot of fun trying out the cover thing and I'm excited to do something again in the future. If you like what you're hearing check out David Grant Music on Facebook and Psypher. These guys know how to get it done!

12/08/12 Dream About You Mix

I was taking a break from working on the session for "A Marrow's Night" and while cruising through the Netflix library I came across Double Dragons. Being an 80's kid I remember watching all those whacky silly movies and absolutely loving them. So I decided to take a trip down memory lane and watch it. About three quarters of the way through there's a scene with Alyssa Milano. Yeah, as a kid I thought she was really hot. Anyways, I'm watching and in the background I hear this song start that I recognize, but can't name it. You know that thing where you start singing along to the song, but can't figure out what it is and feel like a fool? Ha! Then the chorus hits and I remember its a Steve B track called "Dream About You". I remember sitting there singing along and thinking how cool it would be to do a cover of that song. I was talking with Psypher that day about his track and we were trying to schedule a vocal session for tracking. I mentioned I was thinking about doing a cover of a 90's RnB track and being such a huge fan of that genre he was curious about it. I shot him a link and threw out the idea of him laying down some vocals for me the next time we tracked so I could have something to reference while I write. Being such a laid back guy he was more than down to help out. So we ended up tracking some vocals after the vocal session we did and I went back to my studio to write the music. Having a great vocalist to listen to has always been a huge motivation and inspiration factor for me and helped me vibe the track out. I'm hoping to get some final vocals on the track soon and if I'm lucky Psypher might hook me up again. Are you reading this bro? Hook me up! Should have a mix up in the next day or two. Sweet.

12/04/12 Damage

A friend of mine hit me up a few days ago and told me about a company called Heavyocity and a product they make called Damage. Took a look at some of the videos online and bought a copy the next morning. Amazing stuff! Not only does the material sounds great, but the UI is made for speed. I was up and running in no time and loving every moment! Wrote the beginning to a new track called 615 Maze.

11/03/12 Studio Session

Headed up north to work with Doe The Unknown Rapper on a collaboration project. First real chance in a while to write with the artists in the studio. Had a blast working on the track. More to come!

09/15/12 Vocal Tracking Day

Headed up to Fairfield, Ca. today to track vocals for the "90's R&B" cover track. First time actually doing a cover and I'm really excited. There's a lot of great musicians on this track and everyone is really excited to be a part of it. I've spoken to two other vocalist and a good friend of mine is recording drums at RiverGate Studios in Nashville in two weeks. Its looking to be a mash up of musicians and engineers all of whom are crazy talented and passionate about what they do. Can't wait to share this one!