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Hey Fam!!!

What a year!! We Give Thanks for this year of Learning, Loving and Preparation!! As you can see we have added a few songs and video's for your viewing!! Please check them out and let us know what you think! We Love You and Stay Tuned, 2016 is the Pinnacle Year of Manifested Blessings!! Stay in Love, Peace and Light always, Kyndra :)

Where is the New Music??

Many of you have been asking?? Kyndra, are you coming up with something new?? The answer is YES!! We are currently in the studio working on our Sophmore album and Its Funky baby!! So stay tuned because we will be releasing a few snippets here and there!! Peace and Light Fam! Kj

Hey Fam!

Hey there Fam!! I just want to thank you for your continuous Support as we move forward in Divine Will!! The consistent Love and Light you send my way is contagious and I Give Thanks for you and the positive energy you send my way! Love you always! Peace and Light Kj

Happy New Year!

Fam!! Thank You So Much for Your continued Support! I hope Everyone is Having a Healthy and Prosperous New Year! And Stay tuned, there is So Much More to Come!! Peace and Light Fam!!

Big UPs!!

Peace FAM!! Its been a Minute but your Girl has been hard on her Grind!! We have Connected with Great Connects, Networked with the Best and Continue to Press Forward towards the Mark! Team KJ just wants to Personally Thank Each of You for your Love, Prayers and Continuous Support! Peace and Light Kyndra Joi

Getting Ready

Hey There Fam!! It has been a While since your girly has been on the Nation but Now We are back and In full Effect! There is so much to get caught up on but we Have the Time cuz we Paid the Dime!! Lol!! So Stay Tuned Yall, We are Preparing for our New England Tour in a few Weeks!! Give Thanks! #KyndraJoi

Thank You!!

Hey Fam! Thank Each of You of for Your Continuous Support!! We could not do what we do without you!! Don't forget to check out the site, www.kyndrajoi.com and Tell us what you think!! So, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you, From the bottom of my Heart!! #KyndraJoi

Welcome to the Family!!

Greetings Fam! My first Blog on the Reverb Page is just to say Thanks for your Continuous Love & Support!! Stay Tuned because this is not my Last Blog! Blessings!!