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Studio Equipment

Microphones: ■Rode: NT1, NT3 x 5, NT5 x 2, NT1000 ■AKG: D112 x 2, C4000B ■Shure: PG81 x 2, SM57, SM58 ■Yamaha: SKRM 100, the subkick ■Sennheiser: E835 x 2, E840 ■Beyer Dynamics: M81 micro 60's ■Telefunken: TD20 micros 70's Recorders: ■Yamaha: AW4416 ■Alesis: HD24 Computers: ■Intel i7, mother boards asus p6t deluxe v2 ■Intel core 2 duo 2x2.66ghz Sound Cards: ■MOTU: 2408 MK3 ■RME: HDSP RAY DAT ■Behringer ADA8000 DSP: ■Universal audio/mackie: UAD-1 x2 Speakers: ■Genelec: 8040a ■Yamaha: NS-10m ■Sony: Sub woofer ■Hi-Fi Earphones: ■Sony: MDR7506 ■Sony: MDR ex 51 x 2 ■Sony: EXR89 ■Beyer Dynamics: Dt-770M ■Vick Firth Electric Guitars: ■Jackson: PS4, with 1 micro emg 85 and 1 emg 89 ■Charvel:CX692 ■Made In Hell: Warspol, Les Paul' body, BCrich platinium pro acrylic's neck with micro Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone ■Made In Hell: The Grave ■Aria Pro II: Kelly, with 1 micro emg 81 and 1 micro emg 85 ■BC Rich: Warlock, with micro emg 85 and emg 89 ■LTD: ec100qm Electro-acoustic Guitars: ■Washburn:SBS 20, electro-acoustic with electric guitar body equipped with piezzo mic and roland gk3 (for midi) ■Jasmine: TS98C electro-acoustic Basses: ■Cort: C5Q ■Cort Accoustic Bass 4 strings ■Traben: Phoenix 5 Drum kits: ■Bass drum 22" ■Toms: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16" ■Paiste PST 5 medium set: 14"HH, 14" crash, 16" crash, 20" ride ■Paiste Alpha Splash 8" ■Meinl Chinal MHC serie 18" ■Meinl Classic Splash 8" ■Meinl Crash /Ride 18" serie MCS ■Sabian XS Splash 10" ■Sonor Armoni Splash 8" ■Turkish Classic Crash18" ■Double bass pedal: Pearl ■Zildjian ZBT crash 14" ■Zildjian HH 13" ■Ride Sabian AAX metal 22" ■Triggers with alesis dm-5 module ■All Evan's EQ 1 Drumhead, except 1 snares Remo Embassador and 1 meshhead ■Tama HP900PTW Iron Cobra Power Glide Preamps: ■Mindprint: envoice x 2 ■Made In Hell: Warm in hell ■Made In Hell: Warm in hell quad ■Made In Hell: Warm in hell lite ■Made In Hell: 4 tracks m308 x 2 ■Ridge Farm: The gas cooker Midi: ■Yamaha & Made In Hell: Heavy touch keyboard from yamaha clp110 ■Alai KP mini ■Rolan Octapad Pad 80 ■Washburn: sbs20 with roland GK3 and roland gi20 midi convertor Amps: ■Peavey: 6505+ full-tube ■Peavey: Valveking VK100 head 100w full-tube ■Marshall: JCM 900 model 4100 100w full-tube ■Marshall: JCM 2000 TSL60 60w full-tube ■Bugera: 6262 100w full-tube ■Home made 70's full tube power amp ■Fender Bass Amp BXR 200 ■Kemper Profiling Amp Instrument Speaker: ■Two notes: VB101 torpedo ■Two notes: PI101 ■Fame 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers x2 Other: ■Made in Hell: 4ch Headphone amplifier ■Many pedals (boss, made in hell, mxr etc.), tube guitar preamps (preavey rockmaster, LAG TL1 spitfire, ART DST4), compressors etc.

Studio Ready to Work

Hey hello everybody At last the Made In Hell Studio is ready to work efficiently The 2 first recordings took place to test the acoustic and the equipment. Now everything is right then i am ready to receive you in a quiet place with feng shui atmosphere ( for those who came, they ca understand hahaha ). I will upload some new pics of the studio during the week, all what you will see is free to use for any recording ( nothing to rent ). Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I'll be more than happy to answer you with whatever you need. Enjoy HELL David

New Studio in Kallithea!!

Hellooooooooo my friends ! After the massive changes that have taken place the last months, I think you deserve a quick glimpse of what's happening. MADE IN HELL STUDIO MOVES TO THE SOUTH! Yeah this is what I've been working hard on the last 3 months, that's why I'm a bit lost in space. There are many factors that will make the new studio more appealing to you, too hehe. To start with, this studio will have better equipment and much bigger space than the one in Kifissia, with the same low prices as always. A basement of 190 square meters ( the previous was 30 ) in a quiet, small but lively neighborhood (I really enjoy being here). A very important thing, too, is that it will be more easy for you to find! Just 20 min from the center of Athens, close to the train station of Kalithea and with many buses that can bring you in 5 min from Sygrou-Fix metro station. I'm very excited with it and I can't wait for it to be ready to record your great songs! Luckily this will happen until mid-June... So wait a bit till it's done and make sure I'll keep informing you for its progress and the time you can start booking for recordings again. Hell will be hotter than ever!! Feel free to contact me for any detail.