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2013 what i think

I thought as time forword that music would get better but...so far nah!!music got one direaction....everyone wanna ball an stunt on a beat....used to be real life on a beat...but is turned into a joke everybody is a rapper...just because they can speak on a musical tone!!!! smh

where has it gone

man rap now dayz is jus dance muisc...where is tha rhyme an reason...im noo hater by far but when hear trash on radio!!im like man i know poeple myself thats drop'n way better then that like tha soulja boi!!les be real you can sell kid's anything ova an ova long as you change to color of it...lol..wit that said soulja boy really sucks but i anit man do you homie.....total k breed from rap we now like.. pimp c bun b ghetto mafia playa fly real nigga shyt you know...tha diff in new rapp an old new rapper tryin to be an tha old rapper was who they was begin...you get...but every man gota stand in a spot so he can shine...so who ever got tha skill jus go all out wit rao is rap no matter wut it jus that some rap jus can be nooo good...dolla gt..have a bless 2010-2011