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Isaac makes for an idle weekend, yeah right!

Well in sunny Miami right now is pretty gloomy, all local gigs are pretty much off. Which gives an opportunity to work on everything that needs to happen. This week has been awesome, first got my mobile app up and running, got my store with music and t-shirts up an running and most importantly worked out all the details to start working with Mr. Streets Productions to do bookings and management. After such a long time of trying to handle everything, it is a bit of a change to work with a management team, but it leaves a little more time to work on the music, which has been a challenge lately. As anyone in this industry knows, the music sometimes is the easiest part of this. Working on marketing, calling potential venues, sending out EPK's and then promoting. The misconception of some people is that having a management team means not worrying about that side. Musicians need to continue working on everything and then have the additional help to accomplish more, but I will leave that for another entry. For now its getting everything done for next weeks performances in Georgia and South Carolina.

Mobile App Fans

This entry is for all those that have downloaded my new Android mobile app. I will be uploading some new music next week only available for free to you. Also, I am creating some great wallpapers so check out the app frequently. Send me messages let me know what you think. Thank you all, Luis A

Initial Entry

Well, after much working with many great artists in more genres I care to mention, I am finally going to record a solo album: "Shades of My Soul". The reason for the name is that, so many styles have marked my musical path, that I want to do an album that allows those people that don't know me to get a picture of who I am as an artists and a glimpse of all the artists that have shaped to the musician I am now. Though it will be reflective, this will be a foot stomping get down album, cause above all this album will have soul.