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Rock An Soul

We live in a Country that is so diversified it seems that we would embrace our own variety and see the benefits and blessings at our disposal.

I find it hard to believe that in 2016 at the start of a third millennia after a prominent figure first advocated brotherly love and endeavored to enlighten the regions he visited and lived in that we as 3rd millennia human beings could still harbor Neanderthal resentments and bias toward our brothers and sisters of differing origins.

Separatism is the enemy of peaceful coexistence therefore being the total opposite of what love must be. In this very prospect I find Biblical truths and find myself at an understanding with certain portions of scriptures of various religious views that furthermore support the outlook this synopsis eludes to.

Leo Bowers I'm your brother

Ohio -374606 to Control

If we as a people find that we have been lied to in just about every facet of education besides math which is impossible to manipulate and we begin to use the math and physics to uncover yet more lies and manipulations i.e. "the world is flat", "studying medicine is witchcraft", Africans are inferior beings" etc... we then begin to wake from; the delusional perceptions ingrained in us since preschool, through our graduate developmental stages, of our own particular generations into a segment of realization and enlightenment and begin to understand how government manages control by information depravation and fact manipulation. Arcane knowledge is only hard to fathom by the masses simply because the masses are black-listed by the elitist factions endeavors for world dominance and population control. In contrast the offspring of the privy to esoteric information are white listed not only in our society but globally. Think about it...

374606 to Control

Leo Bowers

I Have To Be Me..!

I often find myself lost in thought about pictures painted by time. In the 1920's and 30's people dressed according to the styles that pervaded the time and the music they listened to was as fitting as the clothes they wore so well. The same holds true for different decades all through the past up until this present time. Every era has it's style, and every era has it's story and nowadays even movies that take us to the place and time of the events being depicted.

Today's music screams out the feeling of the day as portrayed by the generations of the last couple of decades entering into a new field of what the present is aimed at for tomorrow. But anytime a picture is painted about the past it calls upon the musical styles associated with the place and time being portrayed.

It would be a bit awkward trying to watch a movie based in the 1960's sporting 2010 Rock, R&B and even Blues of this era wouldn't quite make the grade when it comes to visualizing an era further removed, it would just make the moments of depiction seem so far out of sync the movie couldn't be taken seriously therefore would default to abstraction or comedy at best.

For me the same holds true for musicians hailing from different era's. a musician of 60 years of age born in the 50's raised through the 60's and 70's into adulthood and beyond would be somewhat out of place wearing designer sneakers of mixed colors and popping his appendages around as if he were born in 1990! It just doesn't fit the mold and would probably be rated as an abstraction, but would most certainly qualify as comedy.

My name is Leo Bowers born (Leonard W. Bowers Jr.) in 1954 and the music you hear coming from me is based on who I am dictated by time and the era of my existence. If I ever come up with a way to fit newer era sound into my mix without sounding like I'm trying to be someone or something that I'm not, I would certainly give that a try to see how it works out. But I must admit it's allot more comfortable for me to simply remain being exactly who I am.

Yours in music and love, Leo Bowers

It's a challenge!

So when one writes a song that's let's say provocative for starters ask yourself "why would one want to do that"? O.K. now if you asked yourself that question that means you haven't a clue! There are so many reasons they could ride each and every star and still catch the ones being created right this second, but I'll give you a few. #1 It's a challenge, #2 It brings something to the forefront of the mind that's always hidden in the recesses anyway. #3 It's a challenge! Well #1 and #3 cover an infinite array of possibilities because without challenge there's no ambition, motivation or adrenaline rush. (I love adrenaline rush)! Complacency is not my cup of tea and I will never feel as though I've arrived because God's blessed me with a mind that can comprehend the fact that there will always be more to comprehend. So then as I put this provocative song into motion my part in putting it out may be achieved, but then comes the different statistical data of the different types of emotions it affects and the way that it does to be considered that will only take me to the next step in provocative song writing which is a step higher than where I'm at right now. It's a challenge!

A Blast From The Past

I just had to blog this, and 1st let me explain why. It was 1975 I had just returned home from the Marine Corps and was working with Jack Casey at Rome Recording Studio. I was driving Checker Yellow Cabs around on 12 hour options and spent most of my time up and down Main St. when I wasn't at the air port. I practiced this song in the back seat between calls and the song was entitled "Rock and Roll" which was later recorded at Rome Recording and released on Starr Records under the name "Leonard Bowers Wagner". While out and about doing my cab thing I happened upon the legendary Bob Hope at the cab stand in front of the Sheraton Hotel which was then located at Gay and 3rd. I was kind of scared to ask for his autograph so I put my friend (who was riding with me) "Melvin Roberson" (Jamal) up to it, he was scared of nothing. He gave Bob Hope one of the 45 rpm's and got his autograph on the sleeve of another. Now in 2014 39 years later I got a letter/note from a young lady named Laelia Delaney Davis who brought all those days back to mind and I'd like to share it with you so here goes. Jul 26th, 3:39am . What the hell, you still exist?! I have a copy of your Leonard Wagoner Bowers Rock N Roll 45 on Starr and I have been planning on covering it for years, it is such an amazing song. I have searched your full name online with no result many times but never thought to try Leo Bowers til now. Please let me know if you would ever be able to meet for lunch and discuss your musical career. I'd love to do an interview!!! xoxo Laelia Delaney Davis https://www.facebook.com/laelia.davis?fref=ts

They Thought They Knew Me

When you've been hooked on playing music as long as I have it's obvious that's just who and what you are. Now that's the easy part of the equation to comprehend. The deep stuff get's involved in character and imagination. Sigmund Freud's "Id, Ego and super-ego" theory and concept of the make up of the human Psyche kind of explains why we go through the changes we do in order to arrive at a happy medium as human beings. Having the heart and soul of a song writer is one thing, being able to capture it add it to music is another, and then the ability to get it out in as close to finished form to the public is yet another challenge that incorporates underlying ordinances one must meet to be considered legitimate. Then too there's the business side of releasing media to the public that comes into play for protection and monetary values. I mean after all, how would you feel if you put in years of hard work just for someone else to step in claim it, and take the credit for your work? Furthermore, there is actual cost in being able to foot the bill for any of the above elements of production and that's exactly what it comes down to when you start shopping your musical concepts out to the public in any form that exceeds textual poetry of lyrics. There are of course degrees of production, but once the music starts popping behind the words and the poem becomes melody that's one accomplishment, now when you start making it a physical tangible product you're in a whole other arena. There are many people I am aware of who also want to make this sort of thing happen for themselves who "think" they know me, and that's O.K. because what they know of me is what I would share of myself just like anyone else may on a day to day basis depending on who they are, how much I share and what's being shared. I know many individuals who would like me to write songs for them, record them and basically do for them what it's taken years for me to learn to do for myself. Years ago I tried that with the accumulation of knowledge I had amassed at that time. I need to tell you it's a waste of time and it doesn't work out too well when someone thinks they can get you to do everything for them to get them where they think they should be because someone told them they have talent. Talent without knowledge is very close to goofdom if there is such a thing. It's the concept of fun, fun, fun and someone else doing all the real work for you. People it's simply not realistic and as far removed from the reality of the matter as it gets. Sure there's allot of gratification and self esteem that comes with a job well done, but like a job it takes really hard work and constant education to work up the ladder just one rung at a time, and there will always be more because like time music and creativity has no final top or final arrival it's continuous. It has it's ups and downs, rewards and hardships, but for many it's the only life they know and honestly the ones true to it have the worst luck of the draw, because they're not willing to sell out to become an image in someone else's agenda for the sake of profit or gain. Some only want to keep it real and get the most out of doing what they do in this life. Not so much to impress others or to say" look what I can do", that generally goes away after adolescence. But rather to do it, live it and be it - taking and living all the elements of life that come with it good and bad. There is plenty of bad and thank heaven there's good too. When you've been hooked on playing music as long as I have it's obvious that's just who and what you are, and that's just the easy part of the equation to comprehend. Leo

I'm sorry

I can think back and still remember things I did wrong as far back as being 3 yrs. of age. I want so badly to be able to share some of those misdeeds, but this world doesn't really allow for that. Good people like to think they are forgiving and some probably genuinely are, but for the most part spilling our guts in public can get us stoned on a 21st century level which may not be quite so bad as the old fashioned way but nevertheless can totally scar you for the remainder of your lifetime.

I did however mention that I found my salvation in a prison cell. And that my friends is as true as my being molded by institutions like Fairfield School for Boys followed by the Marine Corps and so on...When you look back on your life do you ever see anything you would do different if only you could? If so then I know you can relate to what I'm talking about. I believe you - much like me, prefer to keep most of that under raps and probably for the same reasons.

The fact that I'm getting the listens and downloads piling up on this song suggest to me that there are many of like mind and to you I just want to say: The force that governs this existence in whatever belief system you have is totally aware of not only your wrongs, but your goodness as well. It is always open to your acknowledgement of it's being and is a very vital part of who you are so it has literally shared in every breath you take. As for Karma, it's impartial and fair to the exact. So whatever we've lived through and experienced is with us and can never be erased although it can be atoned for.

I don't need to tell you what atonement is because if you don't already know you will. There is a figure in our history as human beings who under a certain belief system allegedly atoned for all of the sins of mankind. So in that story the purest act of atonement was done for the love of man to last throughout all the ages into the next realm as it was handed down in text. Somehow I don't think that's exactly what it meant, after all text are only just that and if even this brief informative were re-written just over the next ten years by people of differing mindsets what's actually being said would deviate from the original content somewhat if not dramatically.

The fact is however we are still subject to Karma and the vast majority of the beings on planet Earth can attest to that in a way that parallels the laws of physics which are unquestionably precise. We can not get rid of Karma or change things back, but we can change our directions and characters thereby changing the effects Karma has had, and inevitably will have on our futures and that of our down line.

If you are reading this there is a definite reason for it pro or con. some will get it and understand what they really always held inside anyway, and others will reject and criticize the way they may be doomed to for eternity. You see I read a story too, even grew up on it! But I didn't understand it quite so well as I do today. At the very least I can share that with you in this subtle way by text and song. I am sorry for my wrongdoings, and there came the time when I realized it and moved on to do good with what I've been given to do it with in that knowledge. So have the many! I believe you will too if you haven't already.

With Love, Leo Bowers

Althea Williams
Althea Williams  (almost 4 years ago)

One thing I know that I will never be sorry for..and that is my experience of you and the opportunity you've given me and others to look into a part of you that you share in the artistry of your music.

Althea Williams
Althea Williams  (almost 4 years ago)

One thing I will never be sorry for and that is the experience and opportunity you have given me and others to get a look into and enjoy the artistry of your music!

On The Rag

Some days just feel like this. I can feel like I have so many different faces and each one reflects light and darkness in a different fashion. Yep I believe we all have a little darkness in us and sometimes it needs to be exposed to the light just like anything else. Sometimes I just don't feel so loving and good for many different reasons and I know deep down inside it's just a part of seeking balance. Sometimes I can look at someone I care a great deal about and see all the little inconsistencies and negative quarks pouring off of them. It doesn't mean I don't care for them or want t give up on them...it just means sometimes I feel like giving them a piece of my mind! Don't act like you've never been there because I know you have. So share it with me and be assured I know it's only a passing thought or feeling tomorrow's another day! Thank goodness nothing last forever, but for right now in this moment I'm on how some people I know can carry themselves like they're "On the Rag"! Tell me you don't feel this way sometimes and I'll apologize to you publicly with "sorry" written across my forehead in a picture on your FB wall for all to see. But I know doggone well you feel this way sometimes and you do too!

"On The Rag" Think about it! Leo

Latest survey results (Music of Leo Bowers)

1. Say My Name 85.71% 2. Thinking of You 57.14% 3. Love For Sale 14.29% 4. Bitter Sweet 57.14% 5. Please Come Home Today 0.0% 6. Between You and Me 14.29% 7. She dug A Hole 14.29% 8. It's Alright 14.29% 9. I Still Need To Know 14.29% 10. The Love of My Father 28.57% What better way to make decisions than by the numbers? Thanks again to all participants to date. Leo

Getting ready for play like getting ready for a fight.

Many of you know and many more don't, but I have a show coming up March 30th and being that it's located in Ohio USA the only way I know to reach out to other States or across the water is to record it and post to blogs and sites. Although I've become moderately aware of live streaming I'll have to look in to it a little more, but that's not ruling out the possibility.

I'm showing as a solo act something my dear departed father told me I should be doing years ago. Just know that I'll be putting allot into this short presentation even though it's only 15 minutes long I have a few ideas and now it's time to put them into practice until they become 2nd nature.

For the record it will be at Skully's 1151 N. High St. Columbus Ohio 43201 614.291.8856

I'll be posting on this show and it's developments as they arise. It's a competition so for me that means "fight for it". I'm sure I'll be competing against some worthy contenders so I'm working out to do some serious scrapping because I'm not walking away empty handed. As for tickets, advertisements, and my placement in the line up of competing artist etc...all that gives me something to write about and hopefully makes this blog a little more interesting along the way. Back to the workout!

A big hello and thanks to you all...until next time!