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Playing a lot lately

Have been remiss in posting anything for quite some time. December we played at Taproot and Duffy's Hangar both with great turnouts. Folks were dancing and having a whole lot of fun. January we played at Viking Braggot in Eugene, great people, great brew, and it was pretty much standing room only! February and again in April back to Taproot, very delicious eats and drinks. Really appreciate the turnout there! The end of April we got to play at Shotski's on a wonderful solid new stage, great pizza. May 7 DarkHorse played at the Cinco de Midro Brewfest at the Convention Center for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club - it was honor to be a part of that. Then we ventured just out of Salem to Brooks at Iggie's. We had a great time with everyone there. That just about brings us up to speed. Now back to practice.

Show and concept

Getting really excited to get out of the barn and play a SHOW!!! We've been working on a very lively set that I am proud of. Also have started planning a truly fun event where all my kids and their respective bands will perform. We call it the Raging Hormones (a little twist on our name). I'm so very proud and humbled that they all are such excellent artists and that we all share our passion for music.

A drummer has found us and maybe we can start playing some gigs.

Everybody keeps asking when we are going to play again. Could be soon y'all,

Thanks to everyone

Went over 5100 fans and 500 likes on DarkHorse Salem FaceBook page. That is awesome.


One of the coolest things in the world is the great mix of different sounds here on ReverNation. There are so many awesome truly great musicians out there.

Sound Better?

Noticed on another "lucky" Beta test artist comment that the sound was improved. Listening to our songs. Does sound better than I remember, I can hear some details within the song that I could not hear before. System and speakers are the same.

New Page Look

Looks better and more organized

DarkHorseSalemBand  (over 6 years ago)

I like it too.

trying to gear up for some more tracks

Got a new computer beast and am trying to load all the software. First had the old data lost on the lousy HP computer that went belly up. Then my techy friends told me they salvaged all my old data. Got the data loaded and it was somebody else's data. That was different. Erase all their data and then finally got mine and a couple extra portable hard drives for transporting to the book store where we record then load them on the beast here at home to try my hand at editing. The time gets pretty heavy on the edit. I just really want everyone to hear what I hear when I am in the middle of these terrific musicians. The sound and the feel is indescribable.

Starting out with Reverbnation for DarkHorse

This was the easiest startup for promoting our songs on the internet yet. Also, it appears that the whole idea is to honor the creators of their art. I really like that concept. Holding all the copyrights to our own songs is important to us. I have known some great artists that were so afraid of being ripped off that they wouldn't even play thier own music in public. OK, I thought that was a bit over the edge myself. But it did impress me that some people would think nothing of playing someone else's music and then trying to take credit. The way that I look at it, I would really want a whole lot of people playing my music and next I would hope to be credited as the creator. At the very least I can get some of the sound from my head and heart out there.