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The new record, "ONE FOR THE DANCEHALLS" is being printed as I write this. With record stores shutting down, record labels going under, it's no wonder that the rest of the music business world (except for some punk rock labels who knew long-long ago) is catching up to what Stag Records has been doing for years...BE INDEPENDENT! Big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target only sell a small small portion of the music that's out there today. Where as Indie Stores (like Cactus in Houston or Waterloo in Austin) sell artists that are still even hard to find on-line. Look for us in Indie Stores as well as some of the big-box stores too. Why is it that labels keeping making CD's more expensive every year, then cut them down to damn near nothing???

We decided that since the country has a huge unemployment rate right now, that we needed to give the Hardchargers more bang for their buck. So we are putting together a JD Christmas Package that includes the new record on LP Vinyl, on Compact Disc, and download sheet with all the songs on it, PLUS a Holiday single CD called "Christmas In Jail," all for a lousy $25 bucks!!!

What made me do vinyl this time? Besides collecting wax for years & years, last Christmas my girl got me this great tweed portable 50's style flip-top record player online by CROSLEY RECORD PLAYERS (for under $100.00) And, I brought it out to the garage where I keep my hot rods and felt like I was about 12 yrs. old again!!! Sure, I have a nice turn table inside, but that's not the point. This one I could bring anywhere and I LOOOVE the way it sounds through the old tubes and the little speaker, just like it sounded when I was a kid. I got gifts last year that we're waaaay more expensive, but none meant as much to me as that damn portable record player!

Anywanker, if you don't care about handing your money over to corporate middle men, than you can PRE-ORDER the new JD record at STAGRECORDS.COM right NOW!

One more thing, doing the whole film thing and doing the Capt. Clegg persona has enabled me to be more independent. The new record I made is by far the MOST Honky-Tonk record I've ever done. Why? Because the film thing has supplemented my income enormously and now I can make any kind of record I want. "One For the Dancehalls" was inspired by the Solid Chrome Dancers who I see at the Broken Spoke when we play there. To quote Shotgun Willie, "you can't make a record if ya ain't got nothing to say." Well, being a Texas band leader on stage at probably the most legendary dancehall (Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, Asleep At A The Wheel, George Strait...Willie just played a private there the other night!) in Texas that is STILL operating as a 2 step joint, I knew if I could come up with a batch of songs worthy of those people I could make a record that might stand the test of time once I'm dead and gone.

Anywanker, besides shooting a new video this week, we have shows. THURS. NIGHT we play THE BROKEN SPOKE in AUSTIN TX. at 9 where there's always a great crowd and we always play new songs.

FRI. NIGHT I'm proud to announce that we're playing (along with Larry McMurty's songwriter son, James) the party for the 25th Anniversary of the publishing of Larry McMurty's book "LONESOME DOVE" at the AT&T CONFERENCE CENTER on the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS campus @ 9-11. And yes, there is a big dance floor. As some of you know, Augustus McCray from the book Lonesome Dove (played by Robert Duvall in the movie) is my all-time #1 fictional hero EVER. So this is a big deal for me to play this on the UT campus.

Ok, y'all. In the words of Augustas, "by God Woodrow...it's been one hell of a party"

Adios Amigos!