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Man its been awhile....!

So since last Blog we released our debut EP in digital format as well as hard copies. It is called Guillotine Games and it is available on ITUNES, AMAZON and of course Reverbnation. We did have an amazing record release show at the Good Hurt on November 18th. Many great old and new friends showed up to suppport us, which makes us eternally grateful. Our next scheduled show is not till March but we are looking to do more shows before then. See ya soon.

Guillotine Games Ep is almost finished...almost..

Just needs some mastering and then our creation will live. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

2 New songs

We will be performing two new songs tommorrow at our show at The Good Hurt. Hope you like them.

Hello Again..

We performed a new song at our last show which will probably go on our next release. I think we are all really happy with the energy from this particular song. I know that is premature to say that when we havent released our debut yet but that dear friends is coming soon. Perhaps sooner than you think. -NDPC

Hello Again

So things in the Photography Club have changed again. New line up. New songs. New artwork coming soon.

So Excited

I cant wait to debut our video of Blood Donor Seeks.. We will probably post it up hear on revernation and on youtube.


This is 2011 and possibilities are endless...well up until 2012 that is. I am greatful to be in such a wonderful band as NDPC. Through lineup changes and all the unknown things that being in a band has thrown our way..we have made it to a new year.

The Holidays are almost over

So with that said. We have plans to release our first EP entitled Guillotine Games and we will begin work on the next EP after we play a bunch of shows in 2011 !!

OK Here Goes...

If a member of a band you were in uses the exact recording of you playing on the song isnt that a lil annoying?

New Freaking Blog

Band is getting ready to rehearse new songs this weekend. Possible upcoming shows that are not posted on our page yet are a San Diego bday party(YAY!) and a possible artwalk night at the Hive Gallery both in early 2011.