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Final "America" Mix now posted!

I'm excited to be able to present to my fans the final mixed and mastered version of the song "America" on September 11, a day that changed this country forever!

We ended up bringing in great players for the song, including my co-writer, Jason Jordan (Love & Theft) on lead guitar. Jason rocked a great solo!

Special thanks to my new friend, Glenn Thomas, who lives way up in New Foundland! Glenn re-cut the acoustic guitar, added rhythm guitar, and bass guitar. The guy is a musical genius! Glenn also mixed and mastered the song, and it sounds great! Thanks Glenn! Visit Glenn's studio at: iTunes audio

Playing drums on the song is Tony Morra. Tony is a monster on drums! Check out his website at: downtown batterie

Terry Chism added backround vocals, Terry is an excellent singer/songwriter!

My friend and manager, Keith Mohr mohr management was the guy behind taking this song from Point A to Point Z! Keith plays B-3 organ and strings on the song, and had Glenn and Tony be in on the production.

We're very excited about a Kickstarter campaign we are currently putting together to raise the funds for a professional music video, and promotion for the song. Stay tuned for more info on this soon!

And, we already have interest from groups like Heritage Action/Heritage Foundation, The Nashville and National Tea Parties, and conservative talk shows!

Feel free to listen and download the song here on my Reverb Nation profile and share it with people! Just let them know where to find me, and have them contact Keith Mohr at 615-594-0426 for more information on the song and to have me perform it live!

Did I mention I am excited??

Headed to North Carolina to see old friends!

I am really excited to see old friends and talk about a new direction in life, music, and ministry. I will be at Boomerang Church Sunday morning 8-18-13, and hope to get around to see many old friends in Albemarle and Asheboro. I hope to see a golf course or two while I am in beautiful NC as well!! ;-)