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My first win on Indi

I won the Solo Competition on Indi http://indi.com/778vd

One more win on makeastar.com

Won the playoff final doing a duo with JoPil. Have a look here http://www.makeastar.com/Contest_winner.asp

Third time on the podium on Indi.com

3 times in a row I've ended up as #3 in the solo instrumental competition on Indi.com


Two more wins on MAKEASTAR.COM

I won the Best Song Playoff on makeastar.con in both february and april 2015. Read about it here http://www.makeastar.com/home.asp

One more win on Beat100.com


Won the chart on Beat100.com

Mon 2 sept I won the Beat100 chart with my song " Late for Spring " .

Artist of the month

I'm one of the artists of the month on Kathy Dunns promo page. http://www.loudnloadedpromotion.yolasite.com/music-of-the-month.php

New song ready

Nobody loves me is now here on RN. A bluesy song I wrote where I play three guitars and do the vocals.


I can't afford working, the video is ready now. Thanks to Jaromi who did a great job.


Back in Sweden after a fine holiday. Lots of messages to read, thanks for all lovely comments.