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No MORE lies

within the next couple days on this profile there will be some songs from old times that I have been keepin in my Archives.

Oh kermit you...

Hello people, earthlings, space cats, and all the other fucking things that exist, its been a good while. Not much new, news I guess, getting more shows for now at the Burnt Ramen till I can get a transport vehicle, rerecording shit, and hoping to media fire it out everybody I need to get off my ass and stop smoking GOD DAMN POT!!! any-who.. that's all I'm done ~jimmy

Well Well Well

Its a complete bummer the best music site is now shit...Im not going to name it otherwise ill be sued Well this is a real music site so its all good We will be making some massive changes prolly putting our stuff on Here & LAST.FM. Along with all that remake O.D.D and put the two song that were on our "site" onto CD-R and call it something and give it out for free need to come up with a title of some sort with the rest anywho its a new year lets smoke and make some good music!!!

-Paz Jimmy