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So what's going on with the album?

Well it was a great learning experience! We are deciding on a track order, and we are going to package it. It's exciting, we finally have something worth promoting. Something we believe in.

If we believe in it, then maybe other will? Who knows?

We are looking forward to getting back into the studio for round 2 of tracking... It will be fun.

We have a few shows coming up. April 25th at Luckeys in Eugene... I've been trying to book a show there for quite a while. Finally it's happened. We are playing with a band from Washington called Bullets and Baloons.

Then we are playing the 27th in Medford with a metal band called AKA White Devil.. They are dope! Should be a lot of fun.

Then a few shows in Portland on the 3rd and 4th.. Busy times ahead!

Should be a lot of fun... shit, if it was for the money, we be very unhappy.

Security In Numbers CD Release!

Wow dude.. what a fun time! It was a great line up in Eugene at the black forest! us, bad luck blackouts, Big Small... all of our friends were there.. shit ton of local bands supporting their brethren! It was good to feel the unity in the music community! There is a genuine pride in Eugene that I am really happy to be apart of!

Thanks for everything to all the bands, to the black forest, to Skyler and Jason for putting up with us... Really was a fun time!

New Record Finally done!

See us at a show and we will give it to you.. and it will also be available online...

It was a fun process... we learned a lot.. probably going to start the next one immediately... mucho love to you people who actually read this shite! next shows are on the schedule... April 6th 2013 for Security In Numbers Release, Johnny B's with Father Doug, in May we have some PDX and Corvallis shit going on.

Continued... Second Installment..

So directly after the fairgrounds show for the kids... we went to Chikonky productions benefit for Hep C... which is a horrible epidemic. So wrap your penis if she's a skank, and girls make sure to install a vaginal condem so you can avoid getting stuff if he's a manwhore... (I don't know how vaginal condems work... again don't ask me.) So we wen't and played a show with some friends... Akbar, I forgot the names of other bands I really like.. sorry guys, and Too Far South, oh yea.. and gore cadaver... That set was fun... because we didn't really expect to get a good reaction from the kids... (kids make us nervous... so we hate them for that.) Anyways... we got a good reaction from us and them... we don't know if they were trying to be polite or what... we sure wern't trying to be polite. but they are pretty good at blowing smoke up our ass if they were lying. Anyways thanks Larry for making that show happen... we dig playing at the american legion hall in roseburg it was fun... Most of us didn't even know that place existed... so after 20 minutes of driving around, and trying to break into the VFW (because we thought it was there.) we found the place, drank a quick beer at the bar next door.. and reluctantly played our set. Ok.. so now that we relived the past... we can focus on things to come. We are playing in North Bend on Saturday at a place called Rogers Zoo.. Eric loves the place, and we all really want to eat sushi... so that's what we are going to do. So it's the "We are really going for the sushi Tour".... and it should be fun.. hopefully we get a few peeps out there to play for... if not then we will take shot with Roger and annoy him with hour set... Vinnie and The Rips will be joining us for that show.. which should be fun... and then the 28th @ M's in Roseburg we are playing with AKBAR, and ATA GHOST... fuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk that's going to be fun.... I hoping the 3$ punk shows take off... it seems like a good idea to me... I would definitly go to my own show. So maybe see ya there. - That one guy.

The Second Installment! "Controversy"

So, I'm a little bit behind on the whole blogging thing so I will keep it short and sweet on current events with regards to the band. So we played a show April 1st at Splitz bar and grill (The Local Bowling Alley). We were invited by the Local Roller Derby girls a few of them are friends. All in all, it was a good night. We brought are buddies Vinnie & The Rips down from Eugene to jam with us at the show. Turns out we got double booked, and our time slot changed... We got double booked with a local band called Syke... which I think is Psych spelled wrong. (don't ask me why bands intentionally spell the name wrong. Thanks.) Anyways we jammed with those guys... pissed off their crowd... they left us punkers, and alt techno rockers by our lonesome... I successfully pissed off the owner, the sound guy, the sounds guys daughter, the sound guys wife, the other owners, the audience, etc... I think the only people we didn't piss off were the kids listening by the door, who's ears the "oh so socially conservative adults" were trying to protect. (apoligies for grammatical, and spelling errors... I'm somewhat apathetic when it comes to that shit.) Anyways.. we we screamed, they screamed, and we all screamed for ice cream. Moving on. ----- The next night April 2nd, we promoted and played a show at the Jersey Lilly in which we booked Donkey Punch and Tell, and Security In Numbers to open for us... the narcisists who have to headline our own show. It went very smooth, and it was an all around awesome show. We literally went from potential quitters, to heavy hitters in a matter of 24 hours. So goes the life and times of musicians. ------ May 14th... In the days leading up to the childrens benefit at the fairgrounds with lidless eye, tall boy, and others... there had been considerable amounts of stress and drama between bands, promoters, sponsors, etc... We mostly minded our own business, and played a show for the kids... We would like to thank Cyclone 2.0 for doing it. The heart was in the right place... it was a nice turn out for such a big venue, and the light shows as well as the big screen behind us made things "epically" entertaining. We were pretty much the only punk band surrounded by metal and hard rock bands... which no one new the difference... accept while the metal bands had skulls and death images on the screen behind them... we had carebears, hearts, my little ponys, images of the new world order, pink shit, awesome Yanni landscape pics etc... to be continued...

The first installment of new things happening!

Well, here I go on a recap of march... sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys... So last time I said anything.. I talked about how we were taking a break in March to do an album... Long story short... it didn't get done... but it will soon. After a series of exciting practices we played another show at Black Forest with Security In Numbers, and Unicron was supposed to be there, but they didn't show... (which was disappointing). But, the show went on... and we played and had a fun time won over some new friends in Eugene, and got to listen to Security In Numbers who was sickening good! Very exciting... we are very thankful for Black Forest... they are very good to us, and we owe them a debt of gratitude! Thanks guys. and thank you people for putting up with my horrible grammar, and rediculous talking points. -That one guy P.S. Stay tuned for the second installment... it will be about our April 1st and 2nd show... which there is some fun drama and controversy to talk about! :D

Our show on the 25th @ Black Forest

So, we came in from Eugene, a couple of days before we had a horrible excuse for a practice, and well things were a little tense. After, a couple of coffees, and a bunch of beers we drunkenly had a great time listening to Evan Dickenson from the "Dry County Crooks" tear through his alt-country songs with an attitude of seasoned musical expertise. It was great, we just wanted him to play longer. Then, after that... Vinnie & The Rips proceeded to kick major ass... with some new songs that they have been working on. They have been writing a highly anticipated (atleast among our group) new record. So, we are all very excited about the new record, and to do more shows with em. So, we played our set... and we were a little buzzin... but it was fun.. we got people dancin.. and it was an all around good time. Thanks to everyone who made it happen... including the soundguy and the bartenders for putting up with us. Then we listened to a really cool band called the Athiarchists.. and I got thrown into a table by some michigan monster with dreads... and elbowed by a little 5 foot nothin gnome of a woman... (the irony is she really hurt me more then the 6'4 beast of a human being.) Anyways it was fun... and we are going to do it again at Black Forest on the 25th of March... we are opening for Security in Numbers, and Unicorn... Should be a shit ton of fun. Come drink with us... Now we are taking most of the month off to work on our album, and other new projects.. I'll keep ya posted. -That one guy.

We Played Our First All Ages Gig as a Band!

We played a fun show over in Myrtl Creek... and the kids seemed to dig it. We want to thank some good friends for coming out to see us... like any hard core metal (with one out of place punk band) show it ended in a brawl.. and so that's when we departed in search of jack in the box tacos, and a peaceful sleep.

Stayed tuned for the show in Springfield should be fun...

and be aware that there is an exciting surprise going to happen pretty soon.. Keep your pants on. Signing off.

-That One Guy

Show @ Last Call In Roseburg

So, we had a surprise show at Last Call in Roseburg... It was a lot of fun. We played with two really good bands! The guys from Dirty Wink were great... they played some great music, and Josh and the crew with Clouded Ground did great! (by the way thanks man for letting us open for you guys). We had a good set... the sound system was great... it was just hard finding someone who knew how to use the dang thing. Other then that little problem... things were great... the bartenders were cool, and a bunch of friends showed up. Thanks guys for your support... especially on such short notice... We will keep you updated on more shows! : o ) - That one guy

Happy New Years!

Show coming up at Black Forest... with Vinnie and The Rip headlining... and another band of Black Forests choice playing before us. So that makes us the middle band.

Should be lots of fun... I've never even been to Black Forest... so it should be great fun... I hear it's real punk rock, metal, and alternative over there.. So it will be a great fit.

Thanks to Jason over there for making it happen.

In the mean time... January is going to be kind of a gay month for the music... we won't be playing much... every one is way busy.. and there is not enough demand yet from the fans to get us playing as much as possible...

Sooner or later we keep doing are thing.. we will get a buzz going.

In the mean time... Have a happy new year! Be safe... and much love kids

-That one guy

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