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The revolution has started...

It's been a while since we've posted a blog on good ol' reverbnation. In the last few months,we've continued to tour,we were fortunate enough to play Rocklahoma,and we also found a label home in Pavement Entertainment. Thank you all for your continued support! We still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go.

The release of our first full length LP "26 Tons" is now available for pre-order. Just go to pavemententertainment.com and click on the links! You can find it at stores everywhere and online Sept. 3rd via Pavement Entertainment! Keep checking with our reverbnation page for more info and tour dates as they develop! Sperad the word and thamks for everyone's continued and undying support.

ALL HAIL KINGSHIFTER Rev. Sprout the Anti-Hero F.U.C.K.S.

What's in store:

Well, today is the first of November already...We here at "KingShifter Incorporated" (Ha ha) are pulling the reigns back a bit throughout the rest of the year to focus on new material for an early January 2013 release. We only have two shows scheduled for the rest of the year and we hope to see you out there. Our next show is Nov. 17th at The Lizard lounge with HellBeast from Fayetteville, AR as well as John Woodson's Leg.

We are ready to begin booking for early 2013 and beyond at this point and with the exception of a couple of shows in the spring, we are pretty wide-open...so if interested in booking KingShifter, please contact Kenny at fineswineproductions@gmail.com

Not only are we working on new material for your ears, we are also gearing up for a run of new KingShifter merch fo yo ass! So, stay tuned, fuckers. We love ya!

Still at it!

Well, a lot of things have changed since we last 'blogged'. We have a new drummer behind the kit and he has been kicking ass for us for a couple of months now...Duane decided to step down, and as much as we hated to see him go, we respected his decision to leave and he will always be a brother to us. BUT, the FNG, David Steinbach (formerly of Blacktop Bully) is a beast in his own right and we're damn glad to have him on board! If you haven't had the chance to see David doin' the KingShifter thing, be sure to come out to the next show in your area and meet him.

Also, the Ozzy tribute cd is now out and available for purchase at record stores nationwide or on iTunes...We covered Black Sabbath's "Hole in the Sky"...so try to check it out!

Well, we may just be in your town soon, so be sure to check the show dates and mark us on your calendars...we love all you fuckers and we will see ya soon!

KingShifter News

Big things on the horizon. First, we have a song (The Hero & The Terror) being released as part of a compilation disk to be included with the first issue of "Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll Magazine" which is set to hit news stands in Feb. 2012. Also, we are lucky enough to be part of a tribute album to Ozzy that is tentatively set to be released in Spring of 2012 called "No More Tears - A Millennium Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne", and it will be distributed nationally, including Best Buy and Fye locations. We recorded our version of "Hole in the Sky" by Black Sabbath and are excited for you all to hear what we did with the song...it had definitely been 'KingShifted'. Stay tuned and we'll see you soon.