"SKIN DEEP" (Blog on our song)

When did you give your life to the Lord? If not that's ok keep reading. So when many of us were a kid we walked down the aisle or we prayed the Lord's prayer and we were considered saved. We were from then on considered ourselves saved from the depths of hell. And some of us were put into Vacation Bible School and we learned the ABC's of becoming a Christian. These things are fine but so many of us have changed since we were a child. As we have grown up we have gone thru too many hardships. We have endured to many painful experiences in our mind and we think that this whole religion thing isn't really working for us. So many of us decide to run and fall into the things of this world. We still remember growing up in the church. We still remember raising our hands to God, but the pain you have been feeling has become so great that you want to take your own course of action. You may not even have a plan of your own but you just feel so abandoned that you run. Peer Pressure? 1 Peter 3:16-17 (GW) And if it did come from peer pressure remember that it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing wrong. Relate that to your life. I can remember when I (Brian), was full of peer pressure. I never would have thought that I would have had the peer pressure that I had and it really caught me off guard. Peer pressure got a hold of me and just began doing one bad thing to me, then another, then another and I had almost forgotten that God was the answer I was looking for. I was hurting so bad and I wasn't sure what to do. Then I couldn't explain how it happened but I came home from school one day and fell to the floor crying out to God for help. I cleaned up my music I quickly stopped cursing and I made God 1 in my life again. Then after you have run thru life. You have tried so many times to do things on your own. You think back on those nights you had when you were crying and you remember the passion that was in your heart and the comfort that came along with it. You are going to realize that you did a lot for the Lord back then and you remember the truth that comes thru him. You will remember that yes there is pain but Christ is the key to enduring the troubles that you have. The Bible says: 15 Call on me in times of trouble. I will rescue you, and you will honor me." Psalms 50:15 (GW) So when we are struggling in times of trouble we are to turn to him as our rescuer and he will give us strength. 3 Do not drag me away with wicked people, with troublemakers who speak of peace with their neighbors but have evil in their hearts. Psalms 28:3 (GW) In this passage you can see how the psalmist knows that temptation is coming from others and he fights it and says that he does not want to be taken away with those who love the things of this world. Think back on how you were when you were like a child. Think on the fruits of the spirit. 22 But the spiritual nature produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There are no laws against things like that. These are things that we as Christians are supposed to have in out lives. These are things that represent Christ in our heart and we may not always have all of them, they are our list of qualities that show God's love in our life. For some of you, falling from Christ may be something that you do everyday and you are constantly struggling with the things of this world. Remember that God doesn't view us based on how many times we fall, but rather how many times we get back up and say, "I'm not giving up." So the next time you feel life you are starting to fall away from Him. Stand and say that you didn't raise your hands to let it all be for nothing. Say to your self that you didn't bow your in head in prayer for nothing, & that you didn't go through the motions for this to be skin deep. 3RD NAIL RISING

Man Up!!!!!

Man Up This song is simple to apply but hard to pursue. Here I'll show you: The idea to man up to something means to own up to something or take a stand for that thing you know isn't right. To man up means to right that wrong that is in your life. You have to ask yourself, "Am I being all I can be in _____ area of my life?" Be honest with yourself and really consider what you know you are not being mature about. Really consider what things you need to man up to in your life that you have done wrong. Basically we all have things we need to man up to it's just a matter of being willing to man up to what is before you. The song does not go in this direction, but you can really apply Man Up to any part of your life. Maybe God has been pushing for you to invite certain people to Chruch. Perhaps you just need to man up and invite that person to church. Maybe for you, you need to apply this song to the area of your finances. Maybe God is pushing for you to put him first and tithe (atleast 10%) and you just have not manned up being obedient to God. Or, maybe you need to man up to your addiction to porn or the affair you have been having and confess it to your wife and those who can hold you accountable. God could be trying to get a hold of you in all sorts of ways with this but the song pushes more for living more like Christ and praying for those around you. And this is hard to do.... The living more like Christ is impossible for us to get perfect but we are called as followers of Jesus Christ to live taking one step closer to Jesus every day. At the same time, I cannot say that it is easy to pray for those around you. Yes it is easy to say, "God be with Bob. Bob is struggling and you are good. So God, do your thing." We don't mean that. Ask those people around you who aren't followers of Jesus what you can pray for them for. I (Brian) go to Smoothie King a lot and lately God has been speaking to me there. I'm not saying they are a "Holy Place" but they do have great smoothies. While I have been there the past few times, God will speak to me saying, "Ask them how you can pray for them." Another time just today God said, "Invite this person to your churches Easter service. And I wrestled with this because I felt uncomfortable asking this stranger to my church. So as I left, kept pushing harder at this and I ended up turning around and inviting this person to church. It's not easy to do because we are in our comfort zone so often that when God asks us to do something we are hesitant to obey him. When we aren't called to be hesitant, we are called to Man Up and be obedient to Jesus daily. So this week, ask those people who are not followers of Jesus to church. Ask them if there is anything you can pray for them for. Going to the Lord on their behalf and not our own is one of the key ways to show our love and devotion to a lost world we're called to reach for Christ. -3rd Nail Rising


Tell me...... Do you like CHANGE? I doubt that you do consiering most people complain when change occurs. When you CHANGE your job and you have new friends there is always stress from the CHANGE that has happened in your life. When move you are having to make a CHANGE because you are not in the same house that you used to be in with the same neighbors...... When the church decides to CHANGE and play more modern music, you are pushed out of your comfort zone. (But the church is another blog post :) But I think that applies to all the CHANGES that happen in our lives. We are afraid to embrace them because they are different than what we know and what we know is routine and has no suprises and the day will go by normal as planned. But when you have CHANGE, we are pushed out of comfort zone to accomodate for that CHANGE that will occur in our life. No to all of you who have a problem with CHANGE (and I am working to accept it as well) you should know about something that will never ever CHANGE. For a christian, you will always have one thing that will never CHANGE for you that you can hold on to in your life and that one thing is that Jesus is in your heart and he is always the same. Jesus is always going to be the one who payed for your sins....... Jesus is always going to be raised from the dead....... Jesus is always going to be in charge regardless of how crazy your life is looking..... Jesus is always going to be that one thing that will never CHANGE. Simply put, when your friends are gone and you have to make new ones, or maybe you are starting a new job and you are uncomfortable with the CHANGE then remember one thing. Jesus is there, he has been there for you and he will always be there for you and wants to always remind you so that you never forget the love he has for you and for me. Maybe for you, you don't have that relationship with him and you want to understand more about Jesus and what he is all about. Write us, come to a show and talk to us after or before, it does not matter how you connect with us but we would love to talk to you about the relationship that you can have with the one that will NEVER CHANGE. He may call you to do some crazy things in your walk with him, but he will always be the same Savior! His rules don't change and he does not see us differently regardless of what we do. We will always be sinners in need of a relationship with him and when we believe in what he did for us on the cross it not just that our sins were put onto him, but his righteousness was put on to us! WOW!! 2 Corinthians 5:20-21 Grace & Peace, Brian (3NR)

What is your foundation?

You have a bad day...... Someone pisses you off, you get yelled at by your boss, that friend at school betrays you, whatever the thing is...... Your day is just gone wrong! So where do you turn? When you have that bad day where do you go for that sense of inner peace? For most of us we either have one of the three: 1) Music- Maybe this is a song that you go to when you are having a bad day. You know the song, the song that immediately pops into your head right when you realize how crappy your day is! 2) Person- For so many of us, this is that best friend that is there to hear about our troubles and hard times. He/she is there through the good and the bad and you rely on them to cheer you up. 3) Addiction- Something that you struggle to do away with that you run to when times are down. Maybe you will have a bad day and you jump to think of that porn site that you like. Maybe you have an addiction of having a bad day and just wanting to drink every last beer in your home. But let me ask you one question, what do you do when those things are not around? Because that song, that person, that addiction will not always be there and will not always get you going into the right direction. As far as music is concerned, that song may not be on the radio, that song may not be on your ipod. Let's just say that your source of peace during hard times cannot come from music because the song just isn't around or whatever the reason.....This solution just will not work What about the person? That person that you run to when your chips are down will not always be there to hear what you have to say and they most certainly will not be able to always cheer you up. So when that best friend cannot help you find peace during hard times, and music isn't available, then what? The third one on the list is addiction. Now your absolutely right, I do not know what the addiction is in your life. But lets talk about that addiction briefly. That addiction is something that will not benefit you in the long run. That addiction you have is nothing that you are proud of, in fact you have to cut corners to be able to hide your addiction. So lets say you can't get beer. Let's say you can't do that sinful act that you are addicted to that you would normally use for finding your inner peace. Now for me I want to have my inner peace in something that will always be there to give me inner peace. I never want there to be a time where inner peace is unavailable, so where do you turn? I turn to this scripture. 33 I've told you this so that my peace will be with you. In the world you'll have trouble. But cheer up! I have overcome the world." -GW Look at that verse, it is Jesus saying that you will have trouble but in me you may have peace. Jesus is saying hey guys there is trouble and I'm not talking about "I lost my wallet trouble", were talking about death, addictions, mourning. This is Jesus warning us about big honkin trouble that is coming but HOLD ON! Jesus says, "but cheer up!" Jesus Christ is saying, “ya you will have trouble and it will be painful and hard and dark, but hold on, but cheer up!” Jesus says to cheer up, because he has overcome the world. WOW!! That is so huge and tells me where I can have my foundation and it will never be shaken. Jesus is where my foundation is through good and bad times and it will stay there. Jesus is able to be your source of peace that he said he would be for you. Jesus is the one for you I'm telling you. Jesus is to be our inner peace that we find comfort in! If you would like, write us. The focus of this band is to life up the name of Jesus and to draw the lost in with our music and show them the GLORIOUS NAME OF JESUS! -3NR