The Human Condition / Blog

New singer

Hey, Scott here. After a long stint of decisions and narrowing down the right choice I'm happy to announce and officially introduce our new singer Mickey. He helps breath new life into our vocals, adding a crisp melodic touch we oh so wanted, while backing up the fierce screams I do, giving the songs a thicker layer, which was never present before.

The Road Less Traveled

Hey whats up people, Scott here, just letting you know the condition is still up and running and gaining momentum. We're excited to have a show coming up , and cant wait so book some more. We have new material as we speak. The process of recording is underway, and the likelihood of our debut album coming out this year is imminent. We want to thank all our families and friends for all your support in the last year, bad and good times. Your love and patience is what keeps us driven and always wanting to push the bar and experiment with our direction. Together, we can go further than we ever thought possible. We're looking forward now, at what we need to be. The change has been made, we made it past the fork in the road, and chose the road less traveled.

Up coming

We're hitting another phaze now and we will be: 1. Adding new songs to the set list, such as "To lose one's faith in God." 2. Playing more shows, as many as possible. 3. Writing new songs (we're always writing new songs). 4. Recording our debut, "Self destruction as an Artform." I intend to bring something new to the shows to make us further stand out. We will continue to bring you the darkest music possible, this is a fucking promise. I don't break my promises. Hopefully this message is taken seriously, because our performances will show it. Thank you.