Railways...... (Sun. June 1, 2014)

Last Friday night (May 30th) we had the honour and privilege to play one of the best music establishments in the downtown core....The Railway Club. It was our second time there (the last being back in November) and having played the stage once before, the nervousness that we felt that first time was completely gone and it showed. We rocked out and gave one of best performances we have ever given in our honest opinion!! We were a bundle of energy and excitement! We didn't rush through our songs with faster than normal tempos, we interacted with the crowd like never before, we had fun with each other and it showed to the audience, our 4 new songs for the most part came together with tiniest of hiccups and it showed from the audience that came to watch us that night. The cheers, yells, whistles and applause was very apparent to us from you, the appreciative people watching!! Right down to your unexpected "ENCORE!, ENCORE!!" chant that radiated throughout the dance floor and viewing areas!! It's such a sense of warmth and a shivering of the spine that only one, being up on that stage, can feel. We were very taken by that in such a big way. It's something that we, the band Levity Ball, do not take lightly. If you didn't like us I know we would have heard it as well. I have to send a shout out to I.M.U. Productions for putting on this great night of music. All the bands were fantastic. It was such a great diverse night of musical styles featuring Alluvium, Levity Ball, The Harvest and Slam Lotus and such a pleasure as a musician to feel the ego-less friendliness that radiated between all of the bands of musical brothers and sisters!! Everyone wishing each other the "have a great show" before going up and the "you guys rocked" when they were done and really meaning it!

What felt best though were the compliments that came our way after we were done!!......"best I've ever seen you"........"wow, it's like night and day since the last time i saw you!"........"you guys rocked, thoroughly enjoyed your set"........"really liked your new stuff"........"you definitely gained a lot of new fans tonight!!" Hearing those words of encouragement are priceless and pushes us to come up with newer and better material and to be even better the next time you see us live!!

Thank you Levity Ballers for being there for us!!

I would also like to send a huge shout out to our sound man (whose name eludes me at the moment and I do apologize for that) last Friday!! Without you and your expertise we would not have sounded as good as we did. We heard from the people watching that the sound was absolutely great and from the point of view of being up on that stage, the sounds from the monitors for me personally could not have been better!! You rock!!

One last thing, thanks to Slam Lotus (and Ian Naumenko) for getting my ass (Billy Sayer) up on that stage during your set to play some rockin' cowbell !!!!

Will Ferrell.....watch your ass !!!!

Cheers everyone, Billy Sayer

It's about time.......

......we kept up on this blog entry stuff. We know, we know, we know!!! It's been awhile, a long, long while but we promise to keep on top of things from now on!! Things are happening with us slowly but surely such as new shows, newly written songs and new recordings coming soon!! We know it's been 3 years lol since our last blog entry but those of you who know us know we haven't been sitting on our asses!! Many shows have passed, many songs have been written, a single finally out and up on iTunes, rehearsals upon endless rehearsals to get us primed and ready to give you our best!! Thanks to all you Levity Ballers for your continued support!! We love each and every one of you!! You make us what we are and we don't forget that!! Have a great day everybody and take care!! - LEVITY BALL


Gastown’s Fete De La Musique Festival - Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

There could not have been a better way for us in BRAIN DEAD ARMY to welcome the summer solstice other than participating in last Tuesday’s Fete De La Musique Festival that was held on the streets of Gastown. It was busy, crowded and crazy!!! You couldn’t ask for anything better than that when you’re putting on a rock show. There were literally thousands of people wandering the streets checking out all the various musical styles and performers on a perfectly warm first day of summer’s night! The was a first time event for us in the brief history of BRAIN DEAD ARMY. Playing an outdoor event in front of way more people than we could have possibly imagined has been something that we have talked about in the past. We never knew it would happen so soon. We were scheduled to be on at 9 PM and we were nervous as hell but didn’t show it (I hope!). We wanted to put on a good show and, in all my honesty, I think we delivered. From all reports, not including the people walking by checking us out, we had about 200+ people watching our entire set. We thought that they would check out a song or two from us and move on but they didn’t, they stayed for the whole show. We had a crowd in front of us, beside us, behind us and even across the busy street listening to us. We even had some couples dancing!! We saw video cameras and flashes from digital cameras going off throughout our set. It was such an awesome night and a truly once in a lifetime experience for us in BDA. We were in such awe of the crowd’s appreciation for us. A huge thank-you to all of you who were there. You made our hearts swell and our smiles widen. Enough to put us on Cloud 9 throughout the next day, that’s for sure!!! After our set was done by 10 PM., an organizer of the Festival complimented us on our show, gave us her business card and asked if we would like to come back for next year’s event as well as wondering if we were interested in performing in other Gastown music events throughout the summer. Hell ya!!! Can’t wait for Fete De La Musique 2012!! Our setlist from that night was: The Hardest Button To Button --- Jeepster --- Secret Sleep --- No Other Baby --- Marie Marie --- Bet You --- Nice Legs Shame About The Face --- Running To Stand Still --- 20th Century Boy --- Short Skirt & A Microphone --- Lost And Lazy --- Mother --- It’s My Fault For Being Famous --- Crazy Blue Sky

Cheers recruits!! - Billy - BDA


The “EXTREME PANIC TOUR 2011” began on Thursday, May 19th at The Corner Pub in Vancouver. It was the debut show for B.D.A. and we were both excited and nervous as hell. Besides the band as a whole, it was also my lead singing debut and Mariko’s bass playing debut before a live audience. We arrived early, got set up on the small stage (so small, Mariko & I had to play off of the floor instead of the stage) and were eager to get going. Our set went off without a hitch (minus a brief guitar tuning) and a big thank-you goes out to receptive crowd. We had about 35 people see us play throughout the night. Not bad for a Thursday for some unknown band. We’ll take it!! The set went over so well that the pub asked us to play another set later on in the night if we wanted. Well you know the answer to that one!! After about an hour we hit the stage and gave it another shot. This time, instead of playing the same set from top to bottom, we decided to hand out our set list to the crowd and let them shout out the songs in random order. We played pretty good and had a big boost of energy when some people got up to dance for about 4 - 5 songs. Our original songs went over very well and we were greeted with a lot of positive feedback. Thanks again to The Corner for having us and we’d love to play there again and a big thanks for all the beer!!!!! After the show we went outside at about 1 AM and had a group photo taken in front of the first place we ever played live!!!! Side note - we almost burned the place down after Ian placed my gig bag on top of one of the stage lights and was slowly melting/smoking for awhile without our knowledge. Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone!!!

The “EXTREME PANIC TOUR 2011” came to an end 2 days later on Saturday, May 21st at The Princeton Pub in East Vancouver. It was our 2nd show in 3 nights and we were more relaxed for this one after getting Thursday’s show out of the way. We were also more pumped for this show as the crowd was pretty much double the size from Thursday. There were about 65 people in attendance for this one. A big thank you goes out to all the friends who came down to see us as well. The opening band, FRISCO HONEY, went on first. It was their debut show and they were a young, solid, tight band playing their power-pop hearts out. Up next were FRESH GOAT playing songs from both their debut EP and their upcoming EP. Their brand of rock n’ blues went over superbly with the crowd. They were awesome and a joy to watch. Finally, B.D.A hit the stage just after 11. Even though it was a larger crowd, we felt more at ease playing in front of them. Our show was even better than 2 nights ago (and more room on stage as we could ALL fit on it, but not by much) and just like last show, people got up to dance during our set which gave us an incredible lift. Once again after we finished our set people approached us with compliments which we took to heart. It was a great feeling!! I received an email from The Princeton Pub the next day saying the staff really liked all the bands and they wanted to know when we'd like to come back and play there again....! Cool!

Overall I’m very proud of our first 2 shows. Proud of everyone in this band! We can hold our heads up and smile. It can only get better from here on in!!! To quote Mariko after our 2nd show; “Oh my God I am so addicted to this, when’s our next show?!!”

Soon I hope, very soon.....

Our setlist for both nights was: The Hardest Button To Button --- Jeepster --- Secret Sleep --- No Other Baby --- Lookout --- Marie Marie --- Bet You --- Nice Legs Shame About The Face --- Running To Stand Still --- 20th Century Boy --- Short Skirt & A Microphone --- Lost And Lazy --- Mother --- It's My Fault For Being Famous

Cheers to you all, take care and we'll see you later troops!!!



Hey everyone!!! Billy here. Finally got off my sweet ass and decided to get this blog thingy up and running so that we don't come off as being Rock Star snobs.....Things are progressing slowly but smoothly with B.D.A.... a little difficult with band members being half way around the world but everyone needs a vacation now and then. Guitarist John Wildsmith has been in Merry Ol' England for the past 3 weeks while rest of us are slugging it out in the trenches. We do miss his guitar..... We are gearing up for our debut show @ The Princeton Pub on May 21st. Covers and originals are still being decided for the final setlist and that may be set in stone as of this Sunday when John gets back. Band pics should be up shortly as well so that you all can see who and what the hell we look like. Must remember to brush my hair and comb my teeth !! Not sure of the details as of yet but we may also be part of a benefit show for earthquake & tsunami victims in Japan sometime in April which in turn would be our official live debut.....Don't worry Mariko, you can do it!! Well, until next time, take care and keep soldiering on....Love ya all!!!