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#7 Life of a Southern Belle Musician

It has been a while yall! Oh my, life has been just a whirl wind! Hope you are all well! This is more or less for my Texas fans, but, I will be traveling in the hill country this January through April!! Mostly writing, i need six just perfect songs, that have not been recorded. Even if i don's write them i am taking submissions to find those six by April! Visit www.hannahstarrmusic.com to the contact page if you or someone you know might have something (registered and/or copy-written) that is Texas Swing or Country Blues, that would fit a smooth female country voice! I can never have too much help! if you need to hear more of my voice style the website has links to ReverbNation (star icon at the bottom) and You Tube (bottom of every page as well) I am super excited about this project, hope yall are too!!

On a less music related note, some of you might know, but we are expecting a little one in March! Miss. Eliza Vivian Pearl is healthy, growing fast, and well on her way to meet all of yall! If we are lucky she will have twice my voice, twice his guitar skills and better lookin' than the both of us! haha I will throw in updates when i can!

Yall have a blessed week, and thanks for reading


http://www.blogtalkradio.com/katpat/2012/07/20/country-artist-hannah-starr HERE is the link to an online radio talk show! I am the HEADLINE today!! so everyone reading, i would love callers who have seen me perform live or via internet, heard my music or my song writing and let us know in 30 seconds or less what stood out about myself or what makes me unique, call in between 11:00am and 11:30am central time!! You can also visit the above link anytime after 12pm central and hear the show recorded!! I can really use yalls help!!

If you would like to help but hav not heard me visit www.reverbnation.com/hannahstarrmusic or www.facebook.com/hannahstarrmusic or youtube hsnnahstarr (yes the first "a" is and "s")

SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT YALL!!! Saturday will be KALEB HENSLEY!! www.kalebhensley.com so stay tuned!!

#5 Life of a Southern Belle Musician

#5 Hannah Starr: Life of a Southern Belle Musician Today is an AMAZING Nashville spring day! I don't think this weather could be any better!! God bless all the little animals and critters running about, because Patsy Cline (my rescue pitt bull) is just as fistey as she can be ready to catch something to play with bless her heart. I just cleaned the house, started making banana bread, and working on a new song I have started. Mr. Kaleb Hensley will be here to enjoy a home cooked supper, relax, talk music, and listen to some Patty Loveless vinyl with Patsy Cline and I come quittin' time! The music gigs are continuing to come! New for the records, you cant catch myself down at wannab's on Broadway downtown nashville Fridays from 4-8pm. I would love to meet some of you blog followers!

#4 Life of a Southern Belle Musician

Well, last weekend not much luck on returned phone calls, managers being in the venue when I visited, or returned e-mails. None the less, this week is going to be alright! I am planning a Texas Hill Country tour, for almost two weeks. I have not seen my family in too long! I will be playing with Kaleb Hensley, Mark Sebby, Steven Roloff, hopefully John Aurther Martinez, Mark Allan Atwood, and hopefully see the great guitarist Chris Reeves or "Superman" Texas will always be home. On another note, I attempted to make Ters Leches or the three milks cake last night...I thought it was average and guests seemed to like it but I think I can improve. One of the things Nashville doesn't have is good ole Tex Mex. So I am attempting to bring old Mexico with me in my kitchen! Much practice is needed! Now give me some chicken, green beans, corn and potatatos! I'll whip you up some great southern cookin just as slick as a snake! Tonight I am grilling stakes, but when my adventurous cooking comes back out I will keep y'all posted!

#2 Life of a Southern Belle Musician

So today i get a call. An out of town band is comin through and "VENUE" decides to cancel our group because "NOMAD BAND" can only play during our weekly time spot...it's Saturday...today is Tuesday...that means 3 and a half days to replace that gig with an equal paying gig...I put on a smile and in return came back with bess your heart they must have just really needed that spot. Needless to say the pies last week were AMAZINGGGG if i can brag for a second. This weeks feat is to find a Saturday show in or around Nashville. My first stop will be Joe's Place in Green Hills, next Sam's Place in Hillsboro Village. Hopefully "Joe" and "Sam" can help since "NOMAD BAND" is coming and "VENUE" decided to tell us today... its alright. There is nothing this girl cant do! I will keep yall posted about where we will be Saturday!

"Life of a Southern Belle Musician"

So country artist Kaleb Hensley calls this morning and asks for two "homemade southern pecan pies." I say "sure, when?" and he in turn replies "a couple hours." So i am thinking thank goodness my momma raised me right that i would have pecans, butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and karo in my house at all times. So i am whippin' up homemade pecan pies for a cookout on Nolensville road. Patsy Cline is just barkin' away trying to help in the kitchen by gettin any sugar or flour that may land on the floor. We are having too much fun! "Life of a Southern Belle MUsician."

Summer bookings!!!!

Looking for summer bookings for Hannah Starr and Kaleb Hensley and/or Two Smoking Barrels for in and around Nashville this summer of 2012. Available week nights and weekends. Contact hannah starr 615.934.9264 or at hannahstarrmusic@hotmail.com

band search

looking for a band for nashville, particularly a acoustic guitar, upright bass, fiddle, and dobro. People who want to play small venue gigs a night or two a week and are dependable.