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SO! Here we are after around 4 years of writing and line up changes we finally have our latest demo available for download and streaming. This however, is not 'it' we are recording properly all through march to give you fine people something to really sink your ears into (does that even work? lets say it does!) The EP will be ferocious 3 track of which we will be selling at shows and will have up on here for streaming! Exciting I know! If you found that good then you'll shit yourself to hear were getting our asses in gear with our merch which you be able to buy from our big cartel and of course at shows. Talking of shows, were also setting up a blinder of a show for May time as a kind of 'release show' more to be posted about that nearer the time though! For the mean time please enjoy our demo and share about as much as your hearts desire ;)