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Recording an Album and Playing Some Shows

Were recording an album and playing some shows


were back

Back on Hiatus

well were back on Hiatus unfortuatly our drummer Evan Feldt broke his collarbone cannot drum for 6 weeks till it is healed. We are still going to wright music but we cannot play it for a while

8th band for SOW!

Lucky as Us has been added to the bill for the Screwing Off Winter show. Even more music to go around! IT Gonna be even better!

Live Album?

On Sat we played with Blutos Revenge at Now Thats Class. We were recorded live and were thinking. If the recordings work, how bout a double album of Bluto and TIK?? There might be a live album on the way!


we got videos up on youtube you people should watch them. There sweet

The Next Few Shows

Well, TIK's got a lot of shows the last few weeks. 5 shows for sure right now and 2 more still up in the air. It seems like march though is the month of shows. March 9th, 30th and the 31st, Two battles and a show at cleveland own punk venue Now Thats Class. Those shows are gonna be sweet but what were really looking forward to is the Screwing Off winter show in april and the 2nd annual Schools Out show in June. Two festivals were putting on at The Phantasy and Stampers Grill and Pub. Scewing off winters gonna be an amazing punk and reggae show with bands from The Bare Bones to Throne Gone Down to Two Days Until Tomorrow. There's even bands from Pittsburgh coming to play! The 2nd annual Schools Out still doesn't know its set list but it feature middle school and high school bands from around Cleveland coming to play a show to celebrate summer! Last year was amazing with only two bands 1000 Reasons and TIK. This year hopefully will be even better!


The Illegal Kind has a new app out for download for smartphones and tablets!! download for free at http://tinyurl.com/7d7gydj on your mobile web browser!!!!!!!!!

see 1st hand!

You tube and Reverbnation are great but video doesn't do the band justice. When u r right in front of the band w/Darion catching feedback overtop of Pat's crazy lycs. There isn't much more that gets your blood pumping! Do yourself a favor and go catch this band and let off some steam! -Jacob-

1st place

WON 1ST PLACE IN THE PEABODY'S BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! advanced to the next round offered a free music video, discounted limo service and discount recording time and we are opening for alien ant farm