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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears ...

As usual, I'm sitting at my desk at my shitty job and I feel inspired to write a new blog. However, this time I have a more clear and direct message that I want to get across today instead of the typical blabbering about what Scourge is doing on the local front. No this time I'm fucking aggravated ... For the past two and a half years, I have been drumming for Scourge. It has been one of the funnest times I've ever had musically and I love my band mates. However, I also have been handling essentially all managerial aspects of this band from the get go. I will stop right now and say that this is in no way a "Look at me and all the work I do" bitch-fest. I love my role in the band and I welcome all of the tasks that it entails. No, this is about something that has been bothering me and a few fellow musician friends of mine for quite some time now ... getting a little notice from any form of "media". I will admit, when I joined the band and started handling the bands affairs, I knew NOTHING! However, I have been at it for two and a half years now and I have learned a great deal, knowing full well that I have much more learning to do. Imean, I just found out last week what press release was for Christ's sake!! (Thanks Kyle) But I digress ... No this blog's purpose is to vent my frustrations with the people that promote, feature, book etc. all of the amazing local bands in our area. Now I know, they "get a lot of inquiries from bands on a daily basis". Well I'm calling BS on that one. In my opinion, THAT'S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR! Now take that for what it's worth coming from someone who doesn't manage one of these websites. It really gets on my nerves when (and I can confidently say that I speak for many others) bands work very hard on albums, singles, EP's press releases, show promotion, and so on, only to get a middle finger in the form of no reply from any of these media outlets based on the above excuse. They seem to have a comfortable niche and, in my opinion, aren't interested in leaving it, even for a couple minutes. The bands they cover are the bands they cover and that seems to be the end of it. Then, when we don't get any kind of response or just general acknowledgement of the fact that we exist at all, we get made to look like we are "hounding them" for a response. Now that's not to say that we should be harassing them on a daily basis (which I'm sure some bands do and is not a correct way to get noticed, in my opinion) but still, a quick "Yes we received your inquiry, we'll be in touch" would go miles with us, the people who are slaving to perfect our craft and persue our passion and the ones who will, in turn, promote YOUR business. It doesn't need to be said but I will say it anyways, being in a local band is NOT easy. It's an everyday struggle to make your voice stand out amognst an over-populated scene and I tip my cap to all of our friends, comrades, and colleagues in the scene, breaking their balls to get SOMEONE to turn and say "Fuck yeah"

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Nate here, I'm in the middle of a boring ass day here at my job so I figured I'd write a blog to ... well probably myself because I doubt anyone actually reads these things. Oh well, I'll just call it my writing self-improvment blog, ha! 2011 was a great year for Scourge! We kept very busy with shows. 15 more or less ... not too shabby. We got to travel to Maryland for, let's just call it an interesting show and leave it at that (R.I.P. Corpse Fortress).We played the first ever New England Metal Union Festival at the Middle East which was a trip. Thanks to Buddy from Nemecide for continuing to do what he does to keep local music moving. We met an awesome dude by the name of Eric Wynne who has just gone above and beyond to show us love as a band. All in all I feel like we really came into our own and re-defined prior incarnations of Scourge in all of the right ways. That's not to say that we don't have more growing to do because let's face it EVERYONE, no matter what your profession, passion, hobby, etc can always improve. But I digress ... What's next for us? We have big hopes for 2012. First off, we finally got our hands on some Scourge T-shirts. Thanks to Mr. Justin Pastrick for the artwork. We haven't had an opportunity to sell them at shows yet but the response to the pre-order was fantastic! We actually already have designs for our next bit of merch but that won't happen for bit. We are working on NEW, that's right NEW material that we will be unleashing at shows by February. All of that new material will be getting the kinks worked out and prepped for .... drum roll please ... a full length album. That's a ways away at the moment but the songs are just killer. If you like the God Is Not Here EP, burn it (don't really) because the new shit makes that EP look like a cowering child in time-out. (Legal note: Scourge does not endorse the burning of children, that was just an analogy) We are also planning on heading out to Ohio in the next couple of months to record a single. So if you can't wait for the album, no worries, you'll have something new to listen to soon. Again, thank you to every person who came out, had a few beers, headbanged, shit themselves, fell down (not nessicarily in that order). Let's boogie in 2012. -Nate

I don't know what to call this blog so it will simply be Number 2 (haha poop)

Nate McStickDrop here, It's 8:30am on this gloomy, rainy Monday morning. I have got Dunks at my side this morning so work sucks a little less today. Things have been getting exciting on the Scourge frontlines lately. Most recently, we just played a show at the Guru Room in Plymouth, MA over the weekend and it was awesome. There is something to be said for not knowing a single person there but still making them move and scream. We met some great people. So thanks to anyone who came out loved us, hated us, drank with us, etc. Our new song, Masochist, has been getting some pretty positive reviews. We LOVE playing it and we put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it so it is good that people seem to be enjoying it. Our (possibly) final March show will be at Great Scott in Allston, MA. This show is going to kick some serious ass. Our friends in Acaro and 18 Wheels of Justice will be there and (what I am personally looking forward to the most) Black Sabbath cover band, Rat Salad, will be there to start the show. These guys rehearse next door to us. They WAIL! Now don't get all butt hurt because we won't be doing any shows for the rest of the month (maybe). We have good reason. We are going to be putting a serious effort into ... drumroll please ... merchandise! That's right people, Scourge Merch. T-Shirts, stickers, shit like that. All of that will be available on-line and at shows once it's done. Finally, I just want to say how much FUN we are having as a band. The response at shows gets better and better every go-round. Seeing people enjoy what we are doing is a very gratifying thing. Until next time ... Stay hungry, stay metal, stay safe -Nate