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I've been playing and recording with Terri Coe Lachance, lately. She's written about 40 songs or so, and has a great voice; sings with great phrasing.


I've had a friend, Steve, stop over several times with a keyboard. We've worked out several songs, and have had a great crowd response.


I'm gradually going back to my roots of playing my guitar again. The looper helped me develop some singing skills, which I hope to put to good use.

Music Update

I've been working with the looper to find harmonies for new songs. I've been playing less guitar because a combination of over-practice, wood-splitting, and Karate have been causing some pain; I want all to heal correctly. My love is composing.

Open mikes

I've been occasionally running open mikes at "The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts" organization in Middletown, CT, and at "Perk on Main," in Durham, CT, where I'll be tonight from 6:30 - 8pm.

Current State of my Music

1-13-2012 I've been polishing up the edges on about 30 new songs or so. We'll see where the pieces fall; the best dozen songs or so will go on album 4, which will probably be predominantly instrumentals.

Just finished putting together the 3rd album.

The Alan Bradley Group just finished putting together the 3rd album. "FILABU." (Falling in Love and Breaking Up) . I posted one instrumental track from it, "Jubilant Heart," the last song on the list. Album 3: 1) Can’t Get You Out of My Mind." Vocals: A. Bradley 2) Descending Boogie" w/ Melissa Spencer & Chris Lennox 3) That’s What You Said" Vocals: A. Bradley 4) Mellow Party Jazz" w/ Emily Favale 5) Sliding Rock" w/ Melissa Spencer & Joe Cavanagh 6) Gentle Soul" 7) Blue Rabbit Jazz" 8 ) Hybrid" w/ Chris Lennox 9) Cool, Cool Jazz" 10) Nothing in Life is Free" Vocals: A. Bradley 11) Speedy Recovery" 12) Jubilant Heart"

New to ReverbNation

Thanks for stopping in. I just signed up here, so this site is a bit sparce. As time allows, I'll be adding more to this site . . .