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The "Biz"

Hey kids, DJ Chi here and I want to address the fall of the "Biz". They've taken our money as fans and artists alike and now they're sweatin' bullets. No one wants to buy the over produced mush that is being pushed upon us. Now the other issue is pirating music (we all do it). That's good for the fan but not the musician. Either way the artist loses. We are on the cusp of a new musical industry for artists by artists. So keep being a fan in any way. The info will undoubtedly be free but support can be instituted by buying merch, going to shows, and just spreading those free megabytes around. All in all good music will bring fans. Getting involved in your local scene is a great way to spend your time, meet new people, and support the artists on the lowest end of the scale. Keep fanning the flame so we can keep playing. Post your ideas about how YOU want the industry to change for fans and artists.