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Watching the World Go 'Round

Actually, what I’m really truly trying to say is … holy shit! It has been one of the most intense, frightening, saddening, crushing, joyous and at times just downright freak in’ nasty weeks of my silly little hermit themed excuse ridden, pain filled, anxiety shriveled, soul crushing 43 years of a life. Not only for me but especially for a few people I’ve come to care for and whom Koda and I choose to allow within our 2 member filled "Cool Dogs Dude” club, temporary membership cards only please, of course.


Boar's Nest sing-a-long!

Well it's four in the morning and again, I find myself awake, mixing an Oliver Moore Band Jam in my boxers, because I was on my way to bed 8 hours ago. My ears are ringing, all my Diet Pepsi is gone and I’m pretty sure I finished up that massive gooey zip-lock baggie full of pure #3 cheddar cheese heroin which was probably only stepped on 9 or 23 times given how far north I’m currently sitting from Afghanistan. Oh well. It tastes the same as coffee by that point anyway.


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