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Getting Money Wit My Team

Shout out phat baby

Studio Flow

Yooooooo i got 2 Brand new Dope Records i just Uploaded fa all my app users! #Classic G2 coming soon

Long As My App users Love Me!!!!!

s/o my New Found Friend Ms. Bre'Auhna Fa Downloading my new App. I fucks wit you the long way! G2

coming soon

GroundWerk2 is the elevation of this rap shit! We coming soon!


S/o ms Diana Wehbe 99.1 KGGI we got her with that new B!zness app #Salute #YungCalifornia

Tomorrow Nite

Im live at the 2nd street Jazz. #GroundWerk


Yo all My app users whats the deal. We took a week off from our usual friday release to get some feedback from the public on how they feel about the music weve been releasing. i also want to hear what track you guys think i should MURDER next lol tweet me and let me know the deal #G2

my bros

s/o my bros Rose Rip and Bri Bri got em n that new B.I. app

New App Users!

s/o my girl Izzy from Northside Milwaukee. Welcome to my world ;) BANG MY SHIT!!!


Brand New video From Me and My Boy Status "Good Nite" Enjoy