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Sean Patrick's new cd INVISIBLE,available on i-tunes, is creating quite a buzz within the christian music community as well as the rock/ pop community.The song ANGEl has over 50,0000 plays on sean patrick baldwin's my space page,And Patrick's other songs such as Love and Sacrifice,Tonight and Invisible are causing a bit of excitement also.Podcast Jersey Jamz had Sean Patricks song Angel played on its program and called Patrick a fence sitter when it comes to his music; and called Angel a great song.Fox180Rocks.com ,out of Ohio, also plays Sean patricks music and calls it great christian rock music for your ears. Now I don't know if you've heard his tunes yet or not,but I think we should keep an eye on Sean patricks music in the near future.It's definitely happening.

simone1  (over 9 years ago)

Sean,How are u?? I haven't been around in a while sorry. I got ur e-mail.everything is well,almost done school for this year.Been struggling though.Hugs,Simone

Debut cd "Invisible"

Hello all,Just wanna tell you about my debut cd "Invisible" that is available now on snocap and itunes.My debut cd has eight songs.All songs sound different from one another.The songs were recorded in NJ at Squirrel Ranch studios.My producer/Engineer Thomas Reock also was a co-writer on all the tracks.Thomas Reock has worked with many popular New Jersey based artist over the years.