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Jam for life sponsers

Hey All,Whats goin' on..Hope you're enjoying the summer.Well iI've been busy..Haven't had anytime really to blog or to keep my fans up to date but,I wanna tell you about JAM FOR LIFE.Now,Jam for life is a Benefit show that helps Organ Donor Programs for Childrens Hospital of Pnn.The Main guy who started this event(Papa Carl Andersen) almost lost his life.He needed a liver and, he prayed on it and the lord provide.Now Papa Carl has a benefit show every September for The Childrens Hospital of Penn(C.H.O.P.).Last year we raised over 10,000 dollars for C.H.O.P. organ programs. Now,We need sponsors for this program.Every dollar you donate is TAX DEDUCTABLE.PLEASE,If you are a company or an organization,look into this program and DONATE.SAVE A LIFE.I've seen the results..And they're wonderful.Many organizations are already invovled but,we need your help too. The benefit show takes place Sept,20,2009 at KatManDu ,Tenton ,NJ.For more information go to www.papcarl.com. Thanks and God Bless !!

Uncle Mikes gig and future ones

Last thursday Sean Patrick played out with some studio friends in Tribeca,New York at Uncle Mikes club omn West Church Street.The show was about an hour or so and,a good crowd.Sean performed many of his songs fron His soon to be released cd In the Midst of the Raging storm and,some songs from his first cd INVISIBLE,which is still selling pretty strong in the USA as well as Japan,Austrailia,Cananda and the United Kingdom. Sean Patrick will definitely be back in New York City with some newer songs and a few old ones and,some cover tunes that he likes to perform.Sean Patrick also performs locally around East windsor,NJ and Hightstown,NJ.Keep an eye on his stuff...

Interview with DigiVegas host Paulie Podcaster

Hey all,So I just completed an interview with Paulie Podcaster from Digivegas.His MySpace site is www.myspace.com/digivegas Check out the interview which will be aired next Wednesday. Check him out his interviews.His shows are incredible.I encourage all to listen. Peace and love Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick's EPK available

Please be advised that Sean Patrick's Electronic Press Kit can now be viewed at www.seanpatrickmusic.com . Sean's EPK will be availble for downloading soon. Thank You

My New website

Hey People !!Just wanted to let you know that my new wesite www.seanpatrickmusic.com is now up and running.The site has all my info on there,videos,pics,new studio out takes of my latest songs(well,one so far) and other songs of mine as well. The website www.seanpatrickmusic.com promises to bring you up the minute info about me and happenings.Please check it and join my mailing list. Thank you so much.And Rock On! Peace

Debut music video "Angel"

Hey people.My debut video "Angel" is out and posted on my MySpace profile "My Video" section.It will soon be posted here as well but we don't want to bombard all of you with the video yet.But it is out on myspace.com/seanpatrickbaldwin.Do check it out.

Angel video in Editing Mode

Hey!! So we're finished the shooting for the debut Video "Angel".The video is now in the editing room.We'll veiw some of the music video this week and get ok's from the important people.Hopefully Sean Patrick's debut video will be released next week.Some unforeseen things happened during the process of making Sean Patrick's debut video.Sean's mother passed away on May 9th,after suffereing with cancer for a year;causing a week off of shooting.Thunderstorms and heavy rain also delayed days worth of shooting.Also,extreme heat caused a week off from shooting.The making of the "Angel" video has been fun for Sean.Sean has show lined up at the end of June and throughout this summer.Look for Sean Patrick's debut video on MySpace.com and Youtube.com

Angel video / New cd on the way

Hey ALL! Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat.We have ourselves a heat wave out here in New Jersey. Well the Angel video deadline came and went,,due to alot of unseen problems such as rain and heat.However,the last two scenes of the Angel video will hopefully be shot this week. The new cd In The Midst Of The raging Storm will be out hopefully sometime this year;three out of the six songs are almost complete.The new cd will have six new songs and they will be rockin'. That's all for now. Peace!

First day of shooting debut video

Yeah so,Just completed my first day of shooting my debut video for my song ANGEL.I got 20% of it done with.We worked about 4 hours on the video.I'm so happy we missed the rain,which they were calling for.We almost weren't going to shoot the video due to the expected rain.But god had other plans.So we still have a month and a half of shooting left.Today we did alot of walking ,talking,taking direction from the diretor and, talking with the actors.Anyway,I'm a bit wound up,I am in the studio tomorrow at 12pm sharp,to work on my next cd;which will only contain 5 songs and, will be out in mid summer.My debut video for ANGEL will be released in early June.The exact due date is June 7th,2008..But you know how deadlines go. So yeah,I'm really busy and I'm loving life. Peace,God Bless, Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick's Debut Video

Sean Patrick's debut video for "Angel", his top played song on MySpace.com,will be released in early June,2008.Filming will take approximately 2 months and will be filmed in NJ, PA,and possibly NY.The video will be released on youtube.com and on Reverbnation.com as well as MySpace.com.