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Should age really matter in the music industry?

Is it fair for the entertainment industry to put limits on a artist or pass judgement on a artist because of his or her age? I often ponder on this question as a indie artist everytime I hear the dreaded question industry leaders often ask "How Old Are You"? in my opinion talent is such a remarkable tool that many of us are born and blessed with, I feel asthough it's a huge eye opener. To be in this industry it takes more than just talent, knowledge, and business sense, we have to be the right age but what is the right age and how does one determine that? Age should not matter so long as a artist is capable of making the right decisions, takes direction and performs well. What are your thoughts? by the way I just celebrated my 45th Birthday on June 23rd and still pursuing my destiny as a R&B artist

My Journey Has Begun!

Hi everyone as always let me start by saying thank you to GOD, family, fans and friends for all of your support I love you all. Ok so last week my journey took me to NYC, yeup that's right "The Big Apple" to meet my producer Angelicvoices for the first time since our first skype session in September of 2011. We hit the ground running after my 28 hour and over 2100 mile bus ride to begin my journey towards signing my deal. Our first stop was the world famous Uptime studio which has seen the likes of Jada Kiss, QTip, JaRule, Murder Inc and Ashanti just to name a few. My engineers are two of the best and between them have collectively almost 40 years in this business of recording, mixing and mastering for the stars, The Hits Factory for many years was home to my first engineer Will who manages and runs UpTime studio, he has done work for Sony Music, JayZ, Liza Mannelli, and yes Michael Jackson. His background is awesome. Not to be out done by my first engineer, my second engineer Buck has for most of his recording career done work for Murder Inc, so you see I am beyond humbled and privileged to be linked with such a fantastic studio rich in music history. Each day was a huge success not only did we record but I also met my new manager Elwood who has been linked with many in the industry as well, one new background vocalist Niki aka Miss Envy and my new entertainment attorney Brian. Next up begins the push to find a PR person for me and get radio air time for the tracks as well as come up with concepts and treatments for my videos to my single "You Take Me There". I also registered to audition for NBC's The Voice next season. I'm super amped about how everything is going so far so keep checking back for more updates and exclusive footage of my trip.

Off and running

Hey fans, family, and friends thank you all again as always for being so supportive. I am so excited about what this year holds for me, I found a wonderful and amazing producer Angelicvoices, landed a distribution deal from a major label, am booking performances, am becoming sought after for collaboration on different songs and projects, moving forward with direction and editing my very own videos, and am traveling to New York so that I can reccord all of my snippets and have them mixed and mastered by the industries best. It means so much to me to be more than who or what I am at this moment and I appreciate all that I have and wil become. continue to stop by and check out my page, leave some love and I will do the same.

Posted New Snipets

Hey everyone, as always I would like to start by saying thank you to you all for your endless support. It means a great deal to me to know that you all still listen to and vibe out to my music. I just posted new sniptes of my new project I am currently in he studio working on. These new tracks are special because they represent all things new in my life with everything from the music, to the lyrics, to the arrangement of my vocals.I have to say thank you to AngelicVoices, the producer of my music. Through his music I am able to just relax and free myself. They are light, airy and sultry so please take the time give them a listen and tell me what you think. Your opinion is always greatly appreciated.

Moving Ahead

First of all I want to say thank you to every single fan who stops by this page as well as my website Entyceu.com, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube as well as others you all are amazing. I will be taking several trips in September alone to put in long hours of studio time to finish my project I'm so looking forward to recording so please keep checking back for new material. I'm successful because of you guys and thank God daily for this special gift I've been blessed with and I love you all (((((((((((MUAH)))))))))))

Words To The Nation

As some or should I say most of you know this is my second blog so I am getting the hang of this. I am very greatful to all who stop by to show a real lady love, it is most appreciated. I come from a long list of starving artist if you will who took a chance at posting what I do here. I love the fact that I see so many talented kats and kittens here who are much like myself looking for his, her or their "big break" I am a fan of anyone who is down for the struggle and who knows what's in front of them and goes after it and though it takes a long time to cultivate what could blossom into something so fruitfull we still have to always be cautious and aware of our surroundings get to know those you come in contact with, never be afraid to ask questions or take risk's and make sure that you know whether the risk will be greater than the reward. I have seen alot in my time as an artist and have delt with a ton of those who promise this or that and through it all I managed to grow as an artist and learn in the process and am still to this day. My father once told me that I have something so priceless that no matter how much folks may promise and try to buy, at the end of the day if you still have it knowing that you didn't sell yourself short or out then you are on your way or have arrived and thats my dignity. Hold on to that, trust your gut and rely on your instinct because when you do then most of the time you can never go wrong. Much Love and peace to the Nation :)

Diving in with both feet

Ok so this is my first blog, I'm not quite the blogging type but i'm sure as time passes I will become more experienced. First I want to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to each one of you who takes time out of your busy days and nights to stop by and visit me here on reverbnation, I am so excited about this journey and want you all to experience this with me. What I appreciate most about this site is that I see so many artist like myself here and we all have something in common most of us are either just starting out or have been at this for a long time . We are connected on so many levels; we write,sing,rap,create that perfect rythmn, or come up with the perfect hook, me I do a bit of it all but my strength is in lyric writing,singing and arranging. I have such a passion for this industry and am intrigued by it's inner workings. I feel as though I am Married To Music which is why I chose that as the title for my first album coming out soon. My producer now partner Chazz Brooks and I have our small record label called Beat Agents based in Pittsburgh PA where our focus is on the quality of our music, we are a sample free company so all of the songs you will be hearing are 100% original and refreshing. We believe in putting out the best because we put so much time and energy into our first love that being music. I am the go getter and Chazz is the innovator, chemistry is key when working with a producer because that is how hits are born. Our first song entitled Secrets is here for your listening pleasure, with a mixture of the 80s chords and 90s deep base with a new skool twist on a mixture of synthesizers I had the task of creating the perfect intoxicating vocal style which is all me from backrounds to leads. This song is steamy and for the mature adult, my focus is love and relationships so again I hope you all enjoy it I'm still finding my way around here so please don't be stangers tell me what you think in the form of your comments. Until next time I send you nothing but pure love.