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Have you ever had a moment of some serious inspiration? I'm just about to release "The Best Things In Life," and the process has affected me more than any song I've written in a long time! In such a positive way, too... I hope when I release it, it puts a smile on your face and inspires you to do something amazing!

Thrill Ride!

In the cool of the morning, as in most times; the best things in life are friends, family and fans!

Back in the mix

It's been a waaaay long time since I threw a post up here. Life happens; challenges, amazing adventures and through it all, every experience impacts me for the better. Seems I've done somewhat of a data dump and purged my creative juice, so I needed to live a little to replenish. Now, finishing up Tabula Rasa, the true brand new day, blank slate, born again, however I label it... What lies before me is a gift. As many gifts I've shared in the past, but the true gifts are those they lay directly in front of us. So I'm diving in! And when I come out, my soul will be wide open in the form of my music and lyric. So, if you read this and you're a musician yourself, if I could impact anything of value, I'd say write from your heart. 'Cause that's where the action is! Peace.

Into the New Day

With the soon to be end of the Holidays of 2013, we're all excited to be on the cusp of a new year and a with that, comes everything from New Years' resolutions to revamping of goals or objectives for the coming months. We all want to get things done, or accomplish some sort of achievement, or perhaps garner some magical material possession like a diet, a car, a home, a spouse; that we believe will change how we feel about life and those that share it with us. Do you fall into this group? I know I have. I do - sometimes. Even though I focus on how I want the coming weeks, months and years to unfold, I'm much more excited about who I will become as a result of the awesome friends, family and that special someone that will all have a tremendous impact on me and my ability to share the world with immense creative power! Thanks for being a part of it!

Express yourself!

Wake up every day and give it up for such an awesome experience we are all a part of! Come and share your unique gifts with the world, promote positive growth and an evolution toward the true harmony that we all know exists within our own humanity!