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I decided to list my gear in case anyone was curious (or wants to buy my PA): PA: Yamaha EMX5000, 12-channel, 1000 watt Recording: Pro Tools 7 LE, with MBox 2 for interface Mics: Shure SM58 and green bullet (520DX), wanting to get some Heils Bass: Schecter Stiletto Studio 4, GK800rb Head and 4x10 cab (I believe circa '92) Guitar: Silverburst Les Paul Studio, Marshall JCM2000 50DSL, Line 6/Bogner Spider Valve mk1 with SVPre, one Crate Blue Voodoo cab between the two of them (with V30s) Drums: Gretsch Catalina Club Rock (5-piece) with a mix of hardware and cymbals that I don't care to list because it will constantly be changing. I try to be a minimalist and not obsess over effects, mainly because I'm a songwriter/artist before I am a musician. However I do have an echo park pedal, aby switch (to hook to both heads) and a Boss Super-Shifter pedal that I'm trying to sell (as well as, of course, the PA). Thanks for your interest.

I'm new to this.

Haven't done the reverbnation thing before... Just to explain, this is a collaborative project where I'm currently posting my song ideas to be improved upon after a second recording. A few are pretty much solidified, but there's still a few to go. That being said, you'll probably see songs being replaced by different versions. There are also no real rules to this project. I could write and record a song entirely by myself and post it, or I could just post something I had involvement in. I'm also working to post videos of music or non-music related stuff. This is just my attempt at organizing a disorganized artistic clusterfuck in the hopes of sharing it with as many people as possible. There is also an idea that I've been toying with that could actually make this a VERY FOCUSED effort, which would be much different, but will likely still involve all the same songs. I can't go into detail on that just yet, however. I don't ask for much in return, just to spread the music, and maybe get a t-shirt sale or something someday, and hopefully get a live band at some point to play a show. Above all, this project is about not conforming to the box to create something. Art is natural, let it happen... I'm hoping this will provide some profound inspiration. With the technology we have available, there is no need to sacrifice your integrity for people to hear your music, and you can let your real voice be heard, instead of the same voice that's on the radio every day.