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Good morning Chicago, New York, LA, Atlanta, Dallas, etc. Let’s take a moment and pray for our neighboring cities as we get ready for another summer. Let us look at these things with a new perspective. Let us lean not to our own understanding as it relates to the crisis that revolves around the shootings that cover our newspapers and cable channels. But let us build one another and it starts at home at our doorstep. It starts from within the mind and heart of a person. Let us no longer be a city filled with closed minded people but a powerful people. Let us fill the harbor and the city with love so God can shine his grace upon us not just because he has to but because we are asking for it. Today will be a great day and even if you are challenged you will survive it. #Chasingforward - Christopher LeMark

Official Release of M.O.T.H. Ep

Jan. 29th, 2011

M.O.T.H. will be a great experience, a birthday celebration with a live performance and also the Ep release of M.O.T.H. This Ep is just a taste of whats to come from Christopher LeMark so come out and celebrate with us as we present Matters of the Heart.

Doors open @ 6:30pm| Show starts @ 7:30pm Christopher LeMark featuring Integrity (Live Band) Music and many other special guests. Saturday, Jan. 29th 2011 Red Kiva 1108 west Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60607

Tickets online @ www.MOTH.Eventbrite.com

Samantha Cardwell
Samantha Cardwell  (over 6 years ago)

Now that's what's up! M.O.T.H.- Congrats! I am making plans now to come to show my support! Much love, Samantha