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Album release

So things have been in limbo for awhile, lots of life situations have come up, causing holdups. The album Long Forgotten will go ahead at this point, it's not a matter of perfection or anything like that...99% of the album is complete, it just needs more bass lines to be recorded as they were not originally going to be there. This is just one of the phases that has taken place in this project.


I have some new song samples from my upcoming Debut Album: named : LONG FORGOTTEN Check it out!!!

Akashik Recording Sessions

Hi Everyone! I am currently in the mixing process of my project and things are sounding sooo nice!


Hey everybody! I've just finished another recording session, and things are sounding great!....:-D It'll probably take another full session before the final touches are complete. Merry Yule to everyone!!!!

Akashik Album Update

Akashik has now finished recording the last song on the album, and is working out the final details. Everything is sounding great, some new ideas have been popping up in the midst of these recording sessions as well...:-) The ambience is building!!! STAY TUNED!!!

Pagan Pride Day!

Akashik will be performing a short set in Queenspark @ the Bandshell in support of Pagan Pride Day

Date: Sept,13/2008 Time: 2:30pm

Acoustic,pagan music

Akashik is is the midst of recording a full album of acoustic pagan music/folk music with sprinkles of world music. The album will be about 10 songs long