on spontaneity

Trumpeter Randy Sandke, wrote of Leon Bismark "Bix" Beiderbecke (jazz musician, composer) "... that every note is spontaneous yet inevitable.”

I've had a few guitar solos that seemed to just compose themselves this way. Not being pretentious, but I think most people that play any kind of an instrument experiences this at one time or another. If they're lucky, the recorder is on. The thing is, the results of that creative spark in that moment of spontaneity is not something that can always be easily duplicated in its exact form or feel. The closest imitation may be "technically" perfect, but it's extremely difficult to capture that exact aura of "in the moment" after the fact. An imitation is still just an imitation and not the original.


"All that I could ever hope, Is that you want to lie…"

The Jukebox...

"All she did was break my heart, The jukebox broke my .... "

About the Songs

"Shouting at the Sky" is a Folk Song inspired by The Byrd's version of Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages". My other vocals are a mix of Country &/or Love ballads.- bILL cAMPBELL