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Shuttle Craft to Enterprise..

listening to all these new artists, wondering what exactly it will take to sideline them all an move past the nonsense.. Mic D is a spaceship... now to the top of he world... Join me for my journey to win a Grammy an the hearts of this planet and all the others...

The Game

I never understood the whole concept of grinding until your ears bleed and your fingers were raw. Why does it take so much effort to become anything in this Music world? I really cant answer that. the only advice i have is Don't quit no matter how much crap someone gives you. If you love your music, and you love what you do. Keep doin it. no one can take that away from you!

Moving Forward

Thru the time it takes for most artists to go from the basement to known by even a few city's. If someone used their internet marketing skills well enough they could have the nation on lock. but these small time artist's dont understand how social media is being flooded with all this music. and it is an obsolete form of publication. the market needs to be re assessed. I am working with a few artists, as well as some big name Promoters to come up with the right strategies. I will be a Successful artist! How about you?

Industry, Standard

In the beginning There were very few Rappers. Now there are so many, its hard to see clearly. Is it really that difficult to become a professional Rapper? What if you are White? then how much room do you have.. seems like the room is just about as big as if you were another Race. With Eminem Slaughtering all White Rappers that try to come into he game.

Seems the only way for us to make it is to be Down With Eminem. However that task is almost Unreachable. You would have to be as good if not better than him yourself.... Other labels need to start Giving White talent a closer look! this is by far not a stab at African Americans! I have Great Respect For All who have earned it!