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UK Tour 2011 Part 3 + Sabaton Support Show

    After the show at was a drive to High Wycome to drop dirty Dave guitar at home then back to my house near Dudley for me and the Claud. Belgium Steve and naughty Nick drove home to West Flanders. Dave offered to do the first part of the drive, but after going the wrong way down a one way street and going over a give way without noticing and mounting the kerb once, we decided it would better if I did all the driving tonight lol. "I've only had a half" said Dave as I took the wheel. Half a pint of JD? lol. got home at 6;30 am saturday.

2am Sunday. Claudio and me drag ourselves into the car and set off for dirties. Pick him up and carry on to the tunnel. Arrive at trix Antwerp at 11;30 AM ish. Got a really bad cold now and a cough. I've been tired and had a cold since Scotland but now it's really got a grip and my voice is tired. Taking loads of cold stuff and drinking as much water as I can. not much else I can do. Steroids are the only other thing that can help to get my voice back but there is a risk of permanent damage every time I use them and I also have to go to a doctor to get them as pills or a shot. It's not a headline show, it's a special guest slot, and a lot of the fans will not know any of my music and any of my fans will probably guess whats happened so I take the decision not to get steroids and make the best of it with what ever voice I have left.

Everyone with Sabaton is really nice. We get a full sound check, full catering and a good rider. Also we can sell our merch at what ever price we want and as many items as we want. That is very rare out here for a special guest or support band. I struggled with my voice at a couple of points in the set and the Claud had problems with the kick drum. "the kick drum went away from me" he said later at the after show party in De Rots as he danced topless to a selection of choice classic metal tunes spun by DJ Simon.

The reaction from the Sabaton fans was incredible. Thank you all sooooo much for listening with an open heart and giving us such a warm welcome. It really was a great end to my tour and I was so proud to be a part of the party. I'm really looking forward to my next shows in Belgium in march 2012.  A huge thank you to all the guys who have been a part of my backing band this year in USA and Europe: Rick Plester, PJ Bahramian, Matt Maclean, Bill Legue, MG Jones, Claudio Tirincanti, Dave Andrews, Nick Meganck, Steve Deleu, Andrea Neri, Lorenzo Carancini, Simone Massimi, Roberto Pirami.

All the best to all of you who believed in me even when I struggled to believe in myself!

Stage of Reality
Stage of Reality  (about 5 years ago)

Thank you Blaze, it was a very big pleasure share the stage with you.

UK Tour 2011 - Part 2

Thursday 15th dec bristol tunnels. Thanks to everyone last night for a great Wednesday night at the the voodoo lounge. The dinner was really nice as well, a huge plate full of BBQ and nachos. They also gave us corn on the cob. I tried to stick a fork into mine and it flew across the restaurant an dissapeared under a table in the bar! Luckily no one noticed. I wonder what the cleaner is going to think. The gig was really good. A few problems with the smoke machine setting itself off and causing the fire alarm to go off. Sadly the high pitched wah wah wah of the alarm was not in time with the drums lol. Really looking forward to sorting out the date for next year.         Waiting out side bristol tunnels right now, for the boss to open up so we can start the load in and soundcheck. Looking forward to a great Thursday night.

Bristol from blog I was amazed at the amount of people that came out to support me in Bristol tunnels.  Thank you all sooo much. I really enjoyed the gig it was intimate and really felt more like an evening with friends than a gig. I will be back in May with the new album. We drove home after show.

Friday Swansea - Sin City. we had to go into PMT in Birmingham to get new drum sticks and a spare snare skin for the Claud. He got through more sticks than usual because we are sharing  DG's  drum kit . That means that the cymbals aren't always perfectly positioned so the sticks get worn in middle and break more easily. The spare snare skin was because DG lent us their snare drum for one soundcheck and the Claud completely destroyed it in one song lol. He is a beast on the drums and my favourite drummer since Steve Danger and Nico mcBrain. His timing and power and groove really fit with my style of music and vocal. I'm looking forward to recording and producing him on my new album. While we were in PMT Birmingham I had a nose around the pianos. I haven't had a keyboard at home for a couple of years, and the incredible acoustic tour with Jase Edwards at the end of the summer really made me want one again. I've written a few songs starting with a couple of chords on the piano then transferring those ideas to guitar. They were all a bit more than I was prepared to pay but we never know what Santa could bring if I'm a good dark lord lol. 

Got to the gig about 5;30pm (not 3pm ooops), got set up an did a quick sound check. The set list could only be an hour because of local council music restrictions and 3 support bands. We cleverly (well we thought we were being clever) did the set we had worked out for our 45 min support slot with Sabaton in Antwerp on Sunday and added extra songs to make it up to the hour. It was a bit sad coz the headline set we have been doing on this tour has flowed so well of the last shows. But it was good to get used to the idea of a shorter set because of the Sabaton support slot on sunday night.   The gig was bloody brilliant. everyone was so into it. It was my last headline show of the year so I went totally mad from the start. All the fans up at the front went totally mad too lol. It was insane up there. It was one of my favorite gigs of this tour. I will be back in May with my new King of Metal album. See you all then and thank you all sooo much for such a great end to the world tour.  

UK Tour 2011 - Part 1

Scotland the brave Tuesday 13th december 2011 M6 driving back home.

Edinburgh and glasgow have been great. Thanks everyone for your support. in Edinburgh we stayed up too late and drank too much and paid too much for pizza after we drank too much. When we were loading out of Bannermans in the morning, a traffic warden advised us to move the car. In other parts of Britain the traffic wardens would have put a ticket on the car while we weren't looking. Glasgow ivory blacks was incredible. a short drive from Edinburgh and a big Scottish breakfast with square sausage at the cafe next door and we got in to the venue early. We had about an hour to rehearse before soundcheck. It went well and we tidied up a few bits of songs that had been a bit shaky. We started to think a bout the set we will play when we support Sabaton in Antwerp on Sunday. It's only 45 mins so we are trying to pack in as many songs as we can. It's not easy deciding what to leave out because the set we are doing now is going really well.

Tonight is a night off tonight so taking the boys out to a indian BBQ place in West Bromwich called the vines, with a few friends, my partner and my baby.      I'm talking to a couple of artists about the cover design for my next album. It's early days but I'm feeling confident. It looks like I'll be spending a lot of the time over Christmas and New Year writing lyrics and melodies and arranging recording. If everything goes great, the new Blaze Bayley album will come out in march 2012 when the tour starts. If things don't go great it won't lol. I feel that i will have a new album and DVD out at some point next year no matter what. I will blog you up to date as the adventure unfolds.

4 shows left to do of the promise and terror tour. The worst, most miserable and happiest most fun tour I can remember. so much has happened this year. I'm really looking forward to the new year and my new album and a big world tour doing all kinds of mad metal things. See you in Stamford voodoo lounge on Wednesday night. cheers B