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Dan Golding- July 2013 F.W.R Lyrics

Ahhhhhh, all vocals for all tracks for the album For what remains, finished, just mixing and mastering left for me, so i thought i would offer a little insight overall, to some of the lyrical content and title. For what remains: Everyday, everyone is reaching.,for money power, fame, faith, failing to see that its these very things that shackle us to spend our lives in conformity and rids us of our divergent thoughts, crushing free will for a few bucks or life eternal, when in reality we are compost in the making,...as always with hellish metaphors in relation to the title track!, you be the judge. Evolution of aggression: inspiration often drawn in the strangest ways! I was working away with my brother in law in jersey. On an evening of pie and pints, we inevitibly ran into some toe'rags on the yellowbeer road, which took a lot of will power to walk away from, evolution of aggression is the result of how that felt inside, the burning rage you feel and nowhere to release it, thanks Cathal. My throne to be: would'nt it be great to be able to manifest religion into something of substance that we can kill? I think so..my rightful throne is within me,..betrothed to me at birth, undiluted by faith or control, fuck them all. Frozen soul: introspective nightmare! Applying consciousness to the process and result of an artists creation of a figure in a hellish scene, at first from the perspective of the artist, then shifting through, to the perspective of the figure trapped forever in a framed existence, and further onto the veiwers ever moulding the image to fit their idea of the artists intentions. So theres a little nugget, a wee snifter, a tiny taste of whats in store, its been a long road that it is great to finally have reached the end of.

New stuff 2012

So yet another year comes and goes and really I can't complain about 2011 in a band sense. We released "SGB" at the start of the year, most of the time was spent gigging and we didn't push or get too stressful as we had a very stressed couple of months, in the months running up to the release. Gigging wise, we went to Germany twice at the end of the year to play and knocked it out of the park in both shows. Way of Darkness was great even though we opened and there were not as many there as would be if we had a later time slot we still got great feedback/review from Metal Hammer.de and others for our live shows and the album got great reviews from everyone that took the time to listen. We even picked up a manager along the way in Karl Maher who's experience in the Irish and beyond metal scene will be invaluable to us as we push for the next goal.

So this year , well at present we're in the middle of recording an E.P. "Inferno" which will be released I hope in March. And we have plenty of offers for gigs, The next stage will be the U.K. and Europe as most of our offers are from Ireland, which is good too as up to now we weren't even in the running for these shows & slots. As I said we will be doing something over there soon , hopefully.

Anyway that's all I have for now, but i will keep you posted.

Jay - Syphor

Syphor update

Hey everyone, So it's been a long time since I updated this but I will try do better from now on in, so I'll just recap the last months since I last updated. Dave O'Reilly has become a full card carrying member of the band. We released our first full length album, "Stained Glass Blasphemy" in Feb. 2011. We have gigged extensively around Dublin and Ireland over the last couple of months. And now we are off to Way of Darkness, Germany in 2 days. The nerves and excitement is starting to kick in. Finding it very hard to get to sleep at night. but anyway , no one wants to hear the details of my slumber patterns. We set off from Dublin at 6.50am on Thursday morning. We are going to be sticking to the "big" album tracks for this one. We have got a lot more new material but seeing that we only released the album in Feb. and haven't promoted it outside of the country until now , we thought it was better to stick with the "hits" for this one. We.ve also been booked for the BRUTZ & BRAKEL metal fest. in Berlin in Nov. We will have a much longer set time and better slot so we will be adding some of the new material to the set. We intend to be busy when we get back too. We're going to be releasing a couple of singles each side of Christmas from the new album, which should be out by the middle of next year. So all is bright in the Syphor world