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Breakneck Speed / Blog

The Fall

Unexpectedly, the precipice is no more. Even the deafening wind cannot seem to silence words spoken with no voice. Forever unable to ‘unsee’ what hides behind closed eyes. There is no escape. A quickening wells up as reality dissolves into otherworldly, dreamlike panoramas. The steady, lunatic beating of a caged heart competing for attention yet satisfying everything with blue, fills each corner of vitality with impossibilities. Descending endlessly towards stolen ground. Pieces of battered steel shear free from failing armor that was once sworn to protect. Revealing disfigured skin that burns fire in the sudden exposure to such volatile elements. Desires well from within but dare not be given form again to wander. Still, they cry out for spontaneous expression, seeking the bittersweet freedom once afforded them. Glancing upward, considering the outcrop that once held wavering feet, so unsteady, even on solid rock, the ridge shrinks into the distance as the air fills with crimson clouds, a soul falls, burning with ceaseless uncertainty…

What I See...

A fuzzy kitten jumping straight upwards, a frustrated land mine striving for attention, the wind bouncing grains of sand off a sleeping seashell. Sunrays through the curtains in the early morning, light illuminating star shaped dust particles through a cracked window, the wind unwinding white sheets on a rusty metal clothesline, the sounds that never reach the ears of the deaf. A small boy discovering perspective as he looks straight down railroad tracks, a young boys face in a rock created lake swirl. A gravestone smiling amongst friends, a man having a heart attack while shoveling snow. The bullet that killed John F. Kennedy, a dead rose, a rose just as it opens, a bottle shattered in curiosity. An impossible puzzle, wet porcelain, white and shiny. A grandmother in a wheelchair, a paralyzed wheelchair. The end of a favorite movie, red eyes in a newly developed photograph. A dancing embryo, a newborns first breath. A red light blinding the earth like a fiery light bulb, a light bulb burning out. The drop of water on the very tip of an icicle, the drop of blood on the tip of an icicle shaped dagger. A businessman slipping on the ice, the horror of a violent fall down a staircase, a moon pod spiraling toward blackness, a ring slipping down the drain. A nuclear white flash, cold ashes in the fireplace, watching the grass grow in magnetic fields. A paper cut washed with lemon soap, a groaning sump pump, a yawning fish, a shadow swimming with the dolphins. A breath in the winter air, children on a seasaw, a marshmallow swelling in a cup of hot chocolate, an edible mistake. A man shivering while ejecting in a swiss cheese parachute, bomb doors opening over foreign land, an imitation bullet proof vest. An egg halfway hatched from a mother hen, a tired doormat, a potters kiln burning hot, a rock skipped across a pond in the fall, the empty bottom of a rainbow. A baseball thrown from deep left field, balancing on a diving board, a snakelike piece of rope, the sounds of Loius Armstrong's trumpet. A submarine kicking for life while a torpedo spreads the water, cold beer in a frosty mug, a 33 1/3 LP going round and round on the turntable, plaster cast with a cast of its own, a New York City taxi, an open window, a fisherman reeling in catches, a dancing sapling. The first bite in a warm bagel with cream cheese, choking on your own fear, chalk in the air outside a classroom window as erasers are banged together. Gray cobwebs in the corner, a spider having an old friend for dinner, a knock at the door, a radiation suit in obnoxious yellow. A smiling boy chasing a paper boat toward a storm drain, a papier-mache Jesus weighing down overdue paperwork, a still moment in a hospital room, a lone radio wave. Un-mined coal, burning frisbees in the woods, smoke from the grill, the wheels of my mind. A penny dropping from the empire state building, a hopeless dive into a waterless pool, spaghetti, The Monroe Doctrine. The presidents of the United States, the look on a happy dog's face, a jar of coins embedded in a brick safe. An overdue affection, a teary glass eye, an open drawbridge, freedom throughout a white powdered mountainside. An eight ball just about to drop in the corner pocket, seeing a loved one put to death, a low E natural vibrating on the strings of a well used bass, Huck Finn's raft. A suicide sprawling from the Eifel Tower, a golden leaf falling from a tree, the sixth and seventh step of a ballroom dance, a chess match with a deceased relative. A voluptuous school teacher, beautiful women's feet, the monsters under your bed, Einstein 's whiskers. Huntz Hall, Baltimore, the tide. The white whiskered face of a brain-dead military soldier, crying, an automobile sailing off a bridge, perfume lingering on a bloody wedding dress, a faithful pet, the Berlin Wall, howling of the breeze through pines. A drenched letter from home, adrenched letter never returned home, a struggling father, a struggle within.

Dear Earth

Dear Earth,

I wish you could see how heaven is such a dream. Though God is unhappy with you. I know. I saw him cry. Atleast once.





Never sleep. Absolute Pain. It's infinite compared o this hell.

The flames. Florida is like Anarctica,

Dear Earth,

My Enemy

There is no time, to see the sands they drift away

far and deep you hideaway, to end my world enemy

try to stop my, chance to live and let survive

wisdom overcome your chance is falling away

For all I see and came to change

I cannot drown your mindless rage

I can heal but still have hate

Well I think you can relate

I will live on, through the blinding timeless sun

Walk way and gather all your pent up anger today

There is no pain, enemy you walk away

I could chase you but my laughter's choking me

For all I see and came to change

I cannot drown your mindless rage

I can heal but still have hate

Well I think you can relate

Time has frozen still, you have lost all will, love has left your veins

Hope hits a standstill, climbing straight uphill, I will get my way

Well I think you can relate

There is no time to rearrange

This time, my enemy

Overdue Affection

Blood Red Eyes in a photograph are all that I can seem derive

Open your eyes, what do you see, who's sorry now you never believed in me

We looked at life and love so differently,

For all the times I kept inside the thoughtful tears that never dried and floated into conscious mind to fade away...

It makes me smile now, cause you have died in me, While I was loosing you.

Open your eyes, what do you see, the pictures come to life in light,

but slowly burning out in me, not to dark the times we had last night,

I don't know all the answers, or why you never see my side,


Blood Red Eyes in a photograph are all that I can seem derive

The Dreary Canvas

...How our hands did touch the sky, so vivid and bright in the backwash, yet so dark and doomed above our eyes. The trees leaned like crooked silhouettes of gravestones, scattered beneath the few dwindling rays of sun above the distant mountains. The neglected and blistered fields underneath our eyes frowned expressions of malnourishment, for the streams had run dry, the sun ceased to shine, the dehydrated stitches in pasture winced. The saddened blades of grass wilted in the open fields, our eyes got lost in their sorrow. Beyond the field, the mountains sighed over the forest. The aged and cheerless faces of each tree distraught, lonely in remembrance of the oak tree that shone on the hill in the foreground...So green the buds that once blanketed this very hilltop with life. It was this very rich patch of soil that nurtured the most magnificent of trees...With a root so strong, we can remember gazing upwards at its beauty; its strength...How every crack within the bark told us a story; a story of pride; a story of what it was like to feel so alive. We can envision how beautiful you once looked in the open fields...How the images remain, but the day is only a memory. We can peel away the weathered bark and the soul of the tree is now in pain...slowly withering away. Where the initials were once forged is now only the dark remains of a life once alive atop the hill. As we stood before the frailing dead branches, our eyes reflected the illumination of the sky beyond the mountains in the background, so mixed with colors and feelings that we couldn't imagine possible in our world. We wondered, would we ever be able to gaze off the edges over the mountains? It was only we and the lifeless tree on the hill. So...If we are all that remained, could the world hear the remaining few leaves flutter to the ground?

How about them fuckin' apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview With A Generation

Sometimes the Pictures on the Wall come to Life. I know she is still here, every night, even when I LIE, in a single bed, the mattress still seems fit for another. I rarely cry now, I rarely cried during my childhood years either. Growing into an adult taught me the power of shedding tears for the events and feelings that were uncontrollable. I'm sure that we all think along similar wavelengths, at least us men, the men big enough to let our pain show. It's simple, your marriage partner, if not your best companion, leaves you to feel empty and worthless. I regret not telling those whom I loved how I felt more often, not telling those whom I disliked why I disliked them...I was shivering in the wind on a cold dawn of an early January morning. I guess I was afraid to see myself with an infant grin. I thought, or shoudl I say, convinced myself that the future would be different. Who could have known that an old man like myself could outlive my young adult adventures, my creations? I'd like to go, go to a place where I still have a connection to what I've left behind, deeply understanding my earthly expieriences, where I've succeeded, what I've depleted. I was brought to expierience the abounding passion that people can express without words when they come togeher for a cause that represents good versus evil. Yes, Oh yes how like rodents many would infest the peacefulness of my home. Inside I love them like my own children, like another part of me. So, what else can I remember???

Broken Glass of a Broken Man

Broken Glass

My Mind seems clouded, with visions of you

when sleep consumes me, dreams come true

with shame that you burn inside, far in the distance

of morning view,

like rainfall of falling faces, that ripple circles

beneath my feet in the sunlight

as time ticks on by...

I left your eyes, lost in a trance and standing still, feeling swept away like a broken glass of all I am, being swept away

I'm Broken

Smiling image reflecting in the rearview mirror of my mind,

cannot say goodbye and relapse what is inside

like rainfall of falling faces, that ripple circles beneath my eyes,

like rainfall...

I left your eyes, lost in a trance and standing still, feeling swept away like a broken glass of all I am, being swept away

I can never forget your smiling image relecting in the rearview mirror of my mind...kissing you goodbye, I'm broken

Never coming Back


I close my eyes so tightly now, envision times we knew so well dream that we wont walk away from past endeavors so brightly dwelled.

Time Flies, the hands are winding down Watching the years as if they were to fly away.

I feel your wounds inflict upon me, but never defend myself like you do and in times when hope seems doubtful, your smile in everything is true

Close your eyes and strike the heavens Ride the wave that crashes down Swim away and cleanse your wounds Your stronger than any current pulls

I'll close my eyes while you float away and see you in my dreams at night Happiness will fill your soul again...

I hope you find yourself again, I hope you find your laughter too and if you loose the strength to breathe, I'd give my life to breathe for you.

Close your eyes and strike the heavens Ride the wave that crashes down Swim away and cleanse your wounds Your stronger than any current pulls

I'll close my eyes while you float away and see you in my dreams at night Happiness will fill your soul again...

Time Flies, watch the years as if they were to fly away.