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it seems unfair that i keep taking a hiatus from this whole music thing and calling myself a real artist. it's not because i'm lazy it's just because i haven't the correct team yet. you can't trust everybody. i've always thought that but now i KNOW. its a shame really. hopefully things turn around soon and i don't lose my passion and desire for this. fingers crosses. LOVE YALL -I.N.

Well hello there

so this is my first blog....i'd like to start by saying thank you for stopping by my page and showing love...hopeully you enjoy what i do and who knows maybe you'll be a new fan....so anyway i guess i should tell you what im on/lookin forward to in the next year....first things first my song Woozy ft Stevie Franchise is on itunes now so if you havent gettin that make sure you do..i't only a dollar haha and its a pretty damn good song...ok next up MY MIXTAPE..."Watch Me Go" is what i'm callin it and fortunately for you it is almost finished..just gotta get the mixing and mastering magic touch to get me sounding on point and i will be able to share this gift to the world most likely for freeee...so yea let me see..oh yea next may A1 Entertainment is thinkin about goin to memphis to do it big down there so if you're in TN around that time...so yea that's about it..i've rambled on for too long now..if you read all of this i APPLAUD you....St. Louis i love yea..i'm from a city in the midwest best city in the whole wide wide world....Goodday and God Bless. -I.N.