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Very proud to announce my First Featured Blog! Every Friday for a while now @myrandomjukebox on twitter posts myself as well as other emerging Artist on his timeline.He always hashtags #ff#recommend.This week MyRandomjukebox.com did a Q&A and asked some pretty thought provoking questions.Check it out http://myrandomjukebox.com Please SHARE this post!

Bg Art Gallery in Santa Monica

bG Gallery presents a special night of live music and art to celebrate its third solo exhibit by Malibu painter Gay Summer Rick. For her new ‘Series in Night and Day’, Gay has painted prominent local coastal scenes in day view and then revisited the scene to paint it from a night perspective. Painting with only a palette knife, Gay illustrates the contrast in atmosphere between daylife and nightlife. Gay’s signature overlay of colors, which meld impressionism and abstract color-field painting, speak as much about the emotion evoked by a place as they do about the place itself. Two different cities are evoked through paint: one bathed in color and sunlight between veils of fog, and one where the color seeps in behind the darkness of night. The evening will feature Derek Joe's signature southern California sounds, a great coupling with Gay's work and the gallery's post-sunset ocean view. 

This Year I s Dedicated to Live Shows

Please Come to my Show January 4th at The Room 5 in Los Angeles.Lets Welcome The New Year with Good Music and Great Times

got to get going

Maui bar and Saloon!

my first blog

Very new to the blogging world..Lets do this!!!Show coming up January 22 at the guitar merchant in canoga park...also final house party show at the spread...15 acoustic acts one night of incredible music much love Derek Joe