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Yeah, it's been awhile

Alright, fans...how's it going? Well, since the last blog entry, Mustard has been continuing to make changes. In addition to picking up Joe on guitar a few months ago, now we also have a new drummer, Cambo. Definitely pulled our bacon out of the fryer! We've also recently added a manager to our employee roster, Altaira (soon to be Joe's wife), and things couldn't be looking better. New energy, new venues, new songs, all coming up soon!!!!

Mustard is on it's way!

What mustard is up to

So, Mustard is going through some changes, good changes for sure. We recently acquired Joe Brezlin, an accomplished guitarist that has been friends with us for a long time. So now, instead of the power trio format, now we are the classic 4 setup. It already sounds tight in rehearsal and we can't wait to bring it out to the public at our show on the 21st of January. Lovin' it! Mustard