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The gig @ Belsepub, Henriksberg 11/12 here in Gothenburg is closing in! As we've said before; It's gonna be a great night with a lot of cool stuff! We will go on stage at midnight, so be sure to bring your best dance shoes and some cash for the beerz!

Have you booked your tickets yet? If not, just visit www.ticnet.se and search for Devation!

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Don't forget the tickets!


Have you ever wondered what it's like to play at a really big festival? So do we.

That's why we want you, and with you I mean everyone here on myspace and everyone you know, to vote for us to play at one of Swedens biggest festival!

http://www.metaltown.se/onskaartister.asp is where you go. Just scroll down and you'll see a bar at the right end of the screen which says "Välj artist 1" "Välj artist 2" and "Välj artist 3". Just simply scroll down till you see our name and pick the first one. It only takes 1 min and we'd really appreciate it if you vote for us since it's such a big festival with a lot of oppurtunities for us.

So, do you want your favourite band to play at Metaltown? We do have cookies, y' know.

And don't forget the gig 11/12 @ Henriksberg! Tickets are still available!

With love