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Mavs 2, Heat 2, 3 game series, all the marbles on the table......is Bron getting tired? can wade shoulder the load again? or can Dirk over come the big three for his first championship? We'll see.

Western Conference Playoffs.

1.Spurs 8.Grizzlies (Spurs sweep) 2.Lakers 7.Hornets (Lakers sweep) 3.Mavericks 6.Trail Blazers (Blazers in 6) 4.Thunder 5.Nuggets (Thunder in 7) First round predictions are over, let me know what you think! Stay tuned for the conference semi finals.


First off I want to let everybody know the ACE BUNDY AWARDS for the 2010 2011 season. MOST IMPROVED: Toney Douglas DEFENSIVE PLAYER: Dwight Howard COACH OF THE YEAR: Tom Tibbadohe ( iont know how to spell his name u gon hate me for that) M.V.P DERRICK ROSE YOUNGEST MVP EVER AND MY FAVORITE PLAYER SINCE LBJ LEFT today were going to start with the east because those are official right now 1. CHICAGO BULLS 8. INDIANA PACERS (BULLS IN 5) 2. MIAMI HEAT 7. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS (HEAT SWEEP) 3. BOSTON CELTICS 6. NEW YORK KNICKS (KNICKS IN 7) 4. ORLANDO MAGIC 5. ATLANTA HAWKS (HAWKS IN 7) WEST TOMMORROW, STAY TUNE


5 0 after me again for no reason.......again, they cant find me tho lol they havent been able to or and will not because i have a third eye for the piglets, i smell bacon from a mile away, i be ridin so dirty but i be so clean and smooth wit it the whole time, its like im in a disguise you wouldnt even know it was me if it was me, i had alota people that taught me alot about life and how to go about myself and carry myself in front of attention, like i say, cocky but humble cuz iont wanna pulla earnest byner wit the fuuuuumble, the city mumbles ; really i just do me tho im bi polar but fuck it thats why i smoke weed , BIIIIIIIAAAAATTTCHHHHHH IF YOURE A FAN OF MINE I LOVE YOU CUZ YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS DUMB SHIT, THANK YOU.

NO NFL????????

What will happen to the economy if there's no football this season???? How will it effect sales, merchandise, jobs? What will we be watching on Sundays after church, what are you going to look foward to????? Is the world really coming to an end with no NFL?


Will LEBRON EVER come back to cleveland? Will he opt out his third year?, depending on the new cba, .....if LEBRON wins a couple rings will he feel the need to come back and win a title for his hometown? Questions I think the public should keep in my mind down the road...... ...;


Who's better kobe , or Mike? Its a debate I think more people should be talking about if kobe gets his 6th ring this year? Can he surpass Mike? Who left a better legacy when its all said and done. If you are a true sports wizard, you may call my line 216 856 1894 to chat with the sports guru Ace Bundy on this topic.