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Ooh 'ello doomfanz

Hello and HAILZ to you all. We finally managed to commandeer the login details for this page and have updated it and made it all nice. Please, do come in, sit down, may we take your coat? Tea or coffee?

It's lovely here on ReverbNation isn't it? I'd show my mother this page. That's more than can be said for the old MySpace page, WHAT A SLUT.

Recently we've been working on a few new songs for a split EP with Finnish awesome-mongers VINUM SABBATUM. That should be out in the next couple of months through Doomanoid Records with all things being well. The artwork is being done by Ralph Walters (http://www.wralphwalters.com/). You could do much worse than check out his insane work. He's old school and actually paints his work. Our artwork will actually be 2'x2' when he's done (That's FEET, not inches. Who are you, Spinal Tap?).

Over the summer we've got a few gigs here and there, check the upcoming gigs here for details on those. Still waiting for a few more to be confirmed.

Then we're recording our second album, tentatively titled "The Divine Right of Kings" in mid August at Foel Studios with Chris Fielding. This will be immediately followed the following week with a short tour. We're hoping to hit the road with another awesome group of riff merchants. Details to be confirmed at a later date!


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