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Ken Smith / Blog


A word often misused, friend means many things to us these days. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Reverbnation... These all have the potential to gain you "Friends". But it is rare that they will ever really be your friend. The easiest way to tell who is a friend is this measuring stick; "A friend walks in when everyone else is walking out." (John Hagee). Who was the last person that lifted you up when you were down? Who was the last person who brought you down to earth when you were too high on yourself? Who was the last person to let you know that you are perfectly imperfect just the way you are? Who has loved you through it all? Who has caught you in your fall? Who has kept your back off the wall? If you said a name at the end of each of these questions it is likely the same name for each. If you have more than one name to answer on any or all, well you are fortunate indeed. A quote from one of my favorite movies goes like this...

First Cowboy: There's a lot of good people in the world. Second Cowboy: Yep. But not many.

If you had no name to answer to the questions above and you need a friend, a friend that is waiting for you, a friend that is more than a friend... Call out to the one friend we all have a friend request from. If you don't know ask somebody. If you do know and haven't accepted His friend request just know that before you were born he knew your name. He is around every corner, under ever bridge, on top of every stack of stress, worry and trouble. He is here to save you from yourself and this world which is looking to chew you to bits use you up spit you out and walk all over you as they walk away. Love yourself and those around you enough to take the one step and he'll take the rest with you.

The week of the dolphins

It seems that everywhere I worked this week there were dolphins showing off. I know it's because of all the schools of mullet and such but I wonder how I got so lucky. The work we do is not for everyone, in fact most guys don't make it 2 weeks out there. For the last 6 years I have worked with the same guys day in and day out. They are all tough and strong and have a work ethic to match. We are black white and brown. Young and not so young. Nearly every day I see something that other people pay to see. The beautiful views, the aquatic life and the tranquility that comes from being on or near water. I have seen the Blue Angels practice countless times and watched the Navy run survival school. Twice I have move an Osprey Nest and built a few more new ones. I have meet some great people and some I have intentionally forgotten and through it all I am still amazed at the beauty and harmony that exists all around us. If you think that a fish grew legs or that Darwin's theory applies to this world or that none of this life really matters, well Galapagos to you. I believe that Everything and I mean everything good and bad has a porpoise (pun intended).

The old crow...

An old crow sits just over your shoulder and warns you of imminent danger. You wish he would fly away. All that squawking and cawing is annoying right? You hear but try not to listen. You fear nothing. What does an old crow know anyway? Answer: We all need someone watching out for us even if we refuse to heed their repeated warnings.

At what Cost?

Salvation is free but it ain't cheap. I drove in the spikes. I mocked Him. I scourged him. I gambled for His belongings. I pushed the sword in. I doubt, lie, cheat, steal, covet and lust. I am greedy. I am wretched. I am mostly UNWORTHY yet He loves me anyway...Enough to die! Do you love anyone that much?

In my path...

I don't always watch where I'm going unless I'm driving. If you drive I might not be able to follow the same trek to get back. No telling how many times I have stepped in or on something and wondered how it jumped in my path. But every now and then my vision and perception catch up and show me something that will change forever how I proceed. From the lowest low to the highest high we must walk a path. Choose the long straight road that leads to the narrow gate. There will be bumps...detours...major delays...setbacks...crashes...breakdowns in these and any other events call on the one who made you. He will lead you home. If you just reach out your hand He'll reach out His Heart.

A many splendored thang

That's right I said thang. Our Son proposed to his childhood sweetheart last night. She is a Great Girl and he is lucky to find "someone so wonderful" (Mike Peterson from Someone So Wonderful, check out his page and songs on RN). Bicycles, skateboards, RC Cars... thousands Car insurance, gas money, fast food...tens of thousands Conversations, lectures, brow beatings...Millions Watching a boy become a man, Priceless

Old People's Blog

Jordan just said "cool old peoples blog I wanna read it." Getting old is for someone else. Blog or no blog Will your kids ever think you're hip? Well said and well done are apples and oranges. Let's hope I get the well done right.

The Gulf Breeze

Not the town, don't get me wrong the town has it's charm, but the feel in the air will/is shifting and the festivals are in full swing and the beaches are filling up with locals and tourists and it is all signaled by the early spring southeastern breezes. It seems to cultivate a creative energy and vibe not shared everywhere. I have been a few the places and with the exception of a few ie Austin Nawlins Memphis Nashville...The Gulf Coast has no rivals. Every slot on every stage is filled with talent. The songwriters nights are full of great songs and the fans appreciate what they are hearing. I'm not saying you have to live here to make good music but if our surroundings influence us to any degree This Is Paradise!

My mentor...

Got to see my friends Donnie and Karen Register today. "Milltown" played Downtown Milton (formerly Mill Town) Florida. I got the old time for the show and was horribly late. I got out of the car and could hear that Country Gentleman (Gretsch guitar given him by his old friend Pat Simmons of Doobie Brother fame) I almost cried when I found I missed half the show but did enjoy the half I saw. Donnie has helped me in many ways but the most humbling is his interest in me. He spent a life on the road around the world. If he was on the bus you could bet it was headed somewhere special. A Great Man and a Great Friend. His best advice "Keep it simple Son and simple people will like it. There's alot more of em too."

What's in a line

Just uploaded a few more songs. Each one means something special to me but what matters is what it means to you. A songwriter can change the world if only for a moment but each song written changes the writer forever. Feel something then tell the world what you feel. Not everyone will like it but you never know who's life you can change if you open up your world to the world.