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Straight Ahead

Us Boys had a nice Summer where we played some wonderful festivals, met some great folks, and have gotten some nice reviews from people about our latest disc. But we don't stand still as we are working on Disc 5, and trying to make it even better. The idea of quality in playing live and on recordings is extremely important to us, because we want to make music that people will have a chance to listen to for years to come. The music that we draw our inspiration from is timeless for a reason. The playing, the lyrics, the sonic quality and how it's presented is the bar that we try to strive for. There is no trying to put out a tune just because we think it will be popular. We give great thought to the music we record, and how we write it, and who we may want to guest on it if need be. It is not random, and we won't put out sub par quality for us. We are always trying to improve and will do what it takes to improve live and recorded because we all believe in our ability to do so. The journey is the reward for us, as we learn and grow as musicians and people. We are looking forward to next year as we want to improve our gig ability and expand our idea of a controlled flexibility show. We also want your feedback if you have seen us, have any of our cds and want to say anything good or bad that may help us improve ourselves. It is all for growth. What say you folks? Come on along for the ride with us as we don't know where it will lead, but we make the adjustments and hope it will lead to more good things! Peace my friends! Mel, Tom, and John.

New Disc

Us Solistic Boys are very proud of the new disc we have out now. It is our 4th and there are lots of musical guests on contributing, and we are very honored to have their presence. We allow nothing to stop our vision of the studio recording, and if something calls for a Fender Rhodes, or Hammond B3 or horns, we contact whomever we feel might fit the song to contribute. as we have stated, this is a two pronged concept, between recording and playing live. It is us 3 who are Solistic and when we play live it is us three that you will see. But studio recordings we love to have additional musicians who will enhance what we envision, and we have done just that with the new CD. If anyone out there has our 4th CD, please give us feedback, and let us know what you think,good or bad. We are already working on #5 and wish to make it better than the last. Thank all again for your support, and coming to our live shows to watch the studio songs grow and change form...Peace all!

Take it to the stage

us Boys are prepared to play at any time..Day or night. We don't come to gigs to fraternize, or drink, or hang out. Solistic always comes to do one thing..Play our butts off. We don't talk about it, or boast. It is very important to us to just get on stage and do what we do and have fun doing it.Our job is to entertain, and not run our mouths about this or that. All of our heroes had one thing in common..They let their music do the talking for them. They were prepared to play at the drop of a hat. Whether it be 9:00 AM or 12:00 midnight. That is our philosophy, and we stick to it. We love writing and recording our own music, and our favorite song is "The next one". Just as our favorite gig is "The next one". That is the Solistic mentality, and we are three guys who adhere to it ferociously. So if it seems like we are having fun on stage it's because we are. So have fun with us, and it makes for an entertaining night. Because we come to play, and we take it to the stage.


What us Boys do besides making music is have fun. We enjoy each other, and the act of playing in front of people. Our music is meant to be enjoyed, whether people sit and listen, or participate in our call and response type of banter, it is meant to be a fun evening for all. Our philosophy is that if it isn't fun, then why bother. But it is, and sometimes we constantly laugh onstage because of how fun it is. When you come to one of our shows, we like you to be a part of the enjoyment, and action, and feel the groove and good vibes of what we do. That is important for us. The compliment that people say about us is that we look like we are having a blast. And boy are we...

Our Sound

Many people even after hearing can't figure out just what our sound is..Our sound is a blend of our influences that the 3 of us carry with us. From Hendrix, to Zeppelin, to Funkadelic, and Ohio Players, and everything in the Rock/Soul/Blues spectrum. What is it you ask? It is a unique Solistic sound and we don't conform to any style that may inhibit just what the song needs. We are conscious of great music of the past, and desire to make our own stamp in the world of original music. The lyrics are just as important as the music, as we are trying to construct a total listening experience that one can enjoy musically, AND lyrically. And the execution of the tunes within our live shows lets us expand upon the premise of the studio idea. We try our best to create a sound that is familiar through our influences, yet uniquely our brand of music. In the end, when people ask the question of "What is it?" We want the answer to be: "Good".... Peace, Solistic

Our Way

What we do as Solistic is take pride in how we conduct ourselves, as people, as musicians, and as a band that writes and performs..Our motto is "Shoes shined, on time". We come to a gig to play.We don't come to drink, or fraternize or do any peripheral activities other than play our asses off at each gig. The gig starts for us the minute we drive out of our driveways, and ends when we pull back into our driveways. Everything in between is about us representing each other and the band brand name, and what we are about. We don't drink alcohol during a gig, and we perform hard whether there is 10 people in the room, or 100. This is the Solistic way, and we are proud of taking care of business onstage because that is what our heroes did. They didn't open their mouths to let the world know what they did...They showed them when it came time to do so. We will continue to adhere to this philosophy, and it will carry us to wherever we go. That is our way...And as far as we're concerned..The only way.

The "New" Solistic

When something is clamed to be new, there is usually a claim that there is no longer an embracing of the old way of doing things. This is not necessarily true with the “New” Solistic. We continue to embrace our particular two pronged concept which has a definitive tone of songwriting and philosophy, and our live stage show which is based in the approaches of live revues from the past. What we have that is “New” is a new energy for our vision, and renewed focus now that we are a trio of musicians. We are stronger than ever now as like minded artists who believe in what we do, where we would like to go, and the methodology that will get us there. Our message continues to be “Shine The Light On All” which is about each of you, and your individual power to change the world around you. We hope that after reading this, and visiting our website, you will be interested in coming out to one of our live shows where you will be entertained with our own special blend of music that we are sure will move you, groove you, and make you want to come back for more. We thank those that have been patient with us throughout our transition, and get ready because you will be happy with our hard work. For those that don’t know us yet, and are here for the first time, we say to you welcome to the ‘New” Solistic. Get ready for showtime! Thank You again, Mel Perry