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Simply type in our name and our EP will pop up right in front of your face for you to have! Be cool and support a great local band seeking to achieve a higher status in the music industry!

Get ready for Aethereal on Itunes!!

The time has finally come! Aethereal will be on itunes within the next day! After forming in late 2007, we have worked so hard to get where we are today and we will strive and continue to move forward as we get on itunes. We cannot thank the fans enough for coming to our shows and listening to our songs. We NEED YOUR HELP in the next couple of weeks. Here is what we are asking of you fans: 1) Continue to follow us on facebook as we update with new and exciting band information. 2) Become a friend! If you are a fan of our facebook fan page then give us a shout out. We will hold conversations on our page so don't be shy! Stop by and say hello! 3) Try to make it out to one of our shows! Its a great time you don't want to miss! 4) Suggest us to your friends. We aren't so popular because we are a progressive rock/experimental band...but you kmow what? Why should shit like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber remain the kings of the music industry? Help us out by word of mouth! 5) Support by either downloading a song or the entire EP on itunes or CdBaby! Each song is priced at $.99 a pop. The Ep is $4.99 and is truly a great sign of what is to come for the band. Please support us because we have no money! We have INCREDIBLE SONGS in the works that YOU NEED TO HEAR! Tell your friends as well! Our current EP is truly awesome....its just that our next one will make you shit your pants so lets go!