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La Vie Boheme Magazine: Asian Women, The New Black? by Sonny Amsterdam

The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk in a poised and sensuous way. I’m sure you get turned on by their sensual, exotic features. Asian women possess a sense of innocence that makes men curious to know more about them. It’s a turn-on to think that beneath that shy, polite exterior lies a simmering sexuality that is waiting to be unleashed. Having an attraction towards Asian women isn’t any weird “fetish,” nor does it suggest that you are in any way deficient or unable to handle a relationship with a woman of your own race. If this sounds at all familiar, then you are heading down the right lane. Not too long ago black women, especially by white men, was their portrait of endless exotic fantasies and erotic desires. Black women with their almond and chocolate skin, coupled with their extrinsic assets, through the centuries, drove white men delirious. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that men of other races, alike, caught the African addiction, began to sample the fruit of the black woman. The situation escaladed tremendously to the point that Spike Lee, American filmmaker and actor, in 1991, released his feature film ,“Jungle Fever:, in an attempt to illuminate the complexity and prevalence of the problem. Fast forward to 2014, however, black women has significantly

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When Sonny Lost His Virginity.......

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God, Who is he (or it) really? Where did God come from?

I have been having a very crazy conversation about this on my fb page, so I wanted to share it with my revernation famly.Can anyone answer this question?

Killer Fan

At what point does a fan becomes a candidate for a restraining order?

How long is too long for a man to wait to have sex with a woman?

how long is too long to wait for sex after beginning to date a woman?